Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals

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Gratitude Crystals are items found in Skyward Sword. There are 80 to collect in total, and they can be found as individuals, hidden in locations during the night, as well as by completing side-quests in and around Skyloft. They can be shown to Batreaux, who will reward Link with valuable items, such as larger wallets, as well as a Piece of Heart.

Finding Kukiel

Main article: Finding Kukiel

In order to begin collecting Gratitude Crystals, you must first complete the side-quest Finding Kukiel. This can be started as soon as you place the Ruby Tablet inside the Statue of the Goddess. After doing so, you can return to this guide to help you locate every crystal. Follow the link to get you started.

Individual Crystals

There are 15 individual Gratitude Crystals hidden around Skyloft and various islands in The Sky, and they can only be found during the night. You can sleep until night in any bed you can find, such as in your room at the Knight Academy, or in someone else's house in Skyloft. If you haven't found Kukiel or visited Batreaux yet, you cannot obtain any Gratitude Crystals, so see the relevant section to complete this first.

If you complete the Sandship and then speak with Batreaux, Fi will enable you to dowse for individual crystals. Unfortunately, you cannot use this feature to dowse for side-quests.

Listed below are the locations you can find each crystal, as well as maps showing the precise locations further down:


Location Maps

Crystal Side-Quests

The remaining 60 Gratitude Crystals can be obtained by completing side-quests for different people in Skyloft, as well as elsewhere in the Sky. Below is a list of each side-quest which rewards Gratitude Crystals. Please note that these side-quests become available at different points at the game, so you'll need to progress in the story to complete them all:

Batreaux's Rewards

If you return to Batreaux after you've found some Gratitude Crystals, he will reward you depending on how many you have.

After you've collected 30 Gratitude Crystals, a chest will appear to one side containing the Cursed Medal when you speak with Batreaux. This optional item goes in your Adventure Pouch and makes you unable to open it (you can't use shields or bottles). You can only take it out of your inventory by speaking with Peatrice at the Item Check in the Bazaar.

Crystals Needed Icon Reward
Ss heart piece.png
Ss cursed medal.png