Sparrot's Crystal Ball

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Sparrot's Crystal Ball



Defeating The Imprisoned a second time


Sparrot's House, East Skyloft


Find Sparrot a Crystal Ball


Sparrot's Crystal Ball is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


Didn't See This Coming...(Optional)

When you return the Bazaar after the second Imprisoned battle you'll probably notice that Sparrot, the fortune teller, is not at his station. If you chat with the locals, some of them will comment that his crystal ball broke and he can't tell fortunes anymore. They think it's ironic that he didn't foresee it.

Eyes Clouded In Despair!

Head over to Sparrot's house in the far east (you have to come at it from the left side, going under the landbridge) and speak with him to hear of his turmoil. After expressing his concerns, he remembers how you fixed Gondo's robot Scrapper and got something from the surface. There isn't a chance you could find another crystal ball just like his old one, is there?! Fi will then give you the Dowsing option for it.

Finding A Crystal Ball

Soar over to Eldin and drop down to the "Earth Temple" bird statue. Just outside of the Earth Temple entrance itself, notice that it has a very decorative design covering the entire front. Off on the left side, there's a lampost-looking thing with an orb at the top that looks suspiciously familiar. To reach this upper ledge, head over to the left and use the air geyser to get on top of the higher platform. Clawshot to the target against the temple and check out the orb to have Fi send for Scrapper.

Eyes Moist With Gratitude!

Return to Sparrot's house and he'll be extremely excited to see the new Crystal Ball. It's just like the old one! Sparrot will give you five Gratitude Crystals as a reward. Additionally, the next fortune you get from him will be half off.