Instructor Owlan's Request

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Instructor Owlan's Request



Completing Faron's portion of the Song of the Hero



Find Instructor Owlan a new species to study


Instructor Owlan's Request is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


Something To Study

After completing Faron's Song of the Hero quest, you can return to Instructor Owlan in the Knight Academy in his upstairs room. You may have noticed he has a ton of plants in his room, which he says he's studied to the extent he's able. He has every known species found in the sky, but you've been to lands below. You don't suppose, while you're down there, you might find him something new? Something exciting and completely unique would be nice... Fi will give you the Dowsing option for a plant that "meets those specifications."

A Place Less Dangerous, Koo-Weep?

The obvious first place to look is in Faron. Go to the Faron Woods and as you Dowse, you'll find it takes you to that clearing to the far right where the Kikwis gather. Turns out, it leads right to Oolo, one of the five Kikwis. Since the Water Dragon flooded the forest, the enemies have pretty much been nonexistent. But Oolo's not falling for it. Sooner or later, they'll be running and hiding for their lives all over again. Is there not someplace truly safe from predators? Have Fi call Scrapper and take the Kikwi to The Sky.

Flora or Fauna? Simply Amazing!

Instructor Owlan is fascinated by the Kikwi and unsure how to even classify it, remarking that it may be an entirely new species altogether. He will give you five Gratitude Crystals in return. Oolo is unsure about this turn of events and is shy about being studied, but he's taking your word for it concerning the safety of this odd place.