Kina's Pumpkin Harvest

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Kina's Pumpkin Harvest



Defeating The Imprisoned a second time
Obtaining Heart Piece #10


Near the Pumpkin Patch, at the Lumpy Pumpkin


Find someone who can help carry pumpkins


Kina's Pumpkin Harvest is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


A Girl In Distress!

During the day, Kina can be found outside the Lumpy Pumpkin near the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins are ready to be harvested, but it's a lot of work... Is there someone out there who could work the patch for her?

Someplace Cool

If you return to Eldin Volcano and drop down to the "Volcano East" bird statue, you'll be right next to the "volcano" in the middle of the southern half of the Eldin area. Jump into the air geyser to get inside, then use a running jump to get inside, making Link glide (as opposed to falling quickly). Inside the inactive volcano, glide down to the top-right pillar where the Mogma Elder, Guld, is chillin'. Talk tp him, and he'll express interest in searching for treasure some place where he really gets paid for his work, ya know? Some place that isn't scorching would be a nice change... Use Fi to call Scrapper and take the Mogma to the Sky.

Harvest Happiness

Guld is a little upset at the turn of events, realizing you intend him to do menial labor, but after some innocent encouragement from Kina, he excitedly gets to work. Kina is extremely happy, gaining you five Gratitude Crystals.

Note: If you speak with Guld outside at night, he says he thinks Kina might be interested in him. Hey, it could happen!