The Unwanted Admirer

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The Unwanted Admirer



Completing the Finding Kukiel side-quest
Speaking with Batreaux


At the Item Check shop


Befriend Peatrice


The Unwanted Admirer is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


Bored Item Check Teller

In the Bazaar in Skyloft, there's a "shop" called the Item Check, which is like a bank for your items. Because you can't hold very many items in your Adventure Pouch at once, you'll frequent this location. Peatrice, the Item Check teller, is bored out of her mind (as well as a little boy crazy). Initially, she treats you somewhat rudely, but will become familiar with you and assume you are interested in her.

Her dialog changes as the days progress, meaning, if you never sleep in a bed, her dialog will not change. Typically, you will naturally sleep several times throughout the game for various quests and notice the change over time. You can also speak with her in her house at night to see different (optional) dialog that also changes as you progress.

It is totally possible to do this entire quest all at once (though it's kind of a waste of time, since it takes 20+ minutes, when you can simply wait and let it progress on its own as you use the Item Check in general). So while it is possible to complete this whole quest rather early in the game, it's probably easier and a great deal less work to let it progress naturally and finish the quest when the time comes.

That Rascal!

At a certain point, Peatrice will not progress beyond calling you her darling and the dialog will not change. When this happens, you need to speak with Peater (her father) at night in their house in Skyloft. It's the door located nearest the south entrance of the Bazaar.

NOTE: If this is your first time speaking with Peater (either here or at Bamboo Island) he will merely introduce himself, NOT complete this event! To progress, simply sleep in one of the beds until the next night, then talk with him again.

Let's Speak in Private

Only after speaking with her father and agreeing to chase down the lowlife pestering his daughter, go see Peatrice at the Item Check and she'll ask to see you in her house at night.

Option A: Pleasing the Father

When you meet up with Peatrice at night, deny her love and break her heart to pieces. Sleep in the bed until the next night, then talk with her father, who is overjoyed that you got rid of the creep who was after his daughter. From here on, she'll try to get over you, though it's hard. While sad, the statements are somewhat humorous, particularly because the whole thing is so exaggerated.

NOTE: You can only choose one event or the other. It is not possible to complete both.

Option B: Love from Afar

When you meet up with Peatrice at night, tell her it's true love. She knows that you have "something really important" you need to do though, so she's willing to wait. From now on, every time you see her at the Item Check, she'll continue calling you darling and beg you to come see her soon. While not as depressing as the other option, it's kinda sad to wonder what happens after the game is done, no?

NOTE: You can only choose one event or the other. It is not possible to complete both.