Mallara's Dusty House

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Mallara's Dusty House



Completing the Lanayru Mining Facility



Cleaning Mallara's House


Mallara's Dusty House is a side-quest in Skyward Sword.


Maid Service for the Lazy

In the lower-right corner of Skyloft is several houses. The lower center house belongs to Mallara and Pipit. She's nice and all, but she has a problem keeping the house clean. Now that you have the Gust Bellows, she'll offer to pay you to dust the house. Say yes and you'll be allowed to use it indoors. Blast all of the dust in the house (don't forget the windows, cabinets, etc.)! Don't worry about breaking jars and such, she apparently doesn't mind. Once you have successfully removed all of the dust, she'll gift you with twenty rupees. The first time completing this objective, you'll also receive five Gratitude Crystals.

Pipit's Scolding (Optional)

If you swing by Mallara's House at night, you'll be able to overhear a conversation between herself and her angry son, who is furious that she's paying someone else to do the work that she should easily be able to do herself (and the money is coming out of his pocket). You can dust for her again anytime for more of Pipit's rupees.