Dueling Peaks Tower

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Dueling Peaks Tower
Dueling Peaks Tower square - BOTW.jpg
Dueling Peaks Tower at night




Dueling Peaks Tower (雙子山之塔) is a Sheikah Tower and location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Dueling Peaks Tower is located in the West Necluda region, near its namesake, the Dueling Peaks.

Kakariko Village is located within this region; as is Cotera, one of the Great Fairies.

Tower Features

The tower's travel gate faces South, opposite Nabi Lake and Eagus Bridge.

The tower is among the least elevated and most easily accessible Sheikah Towers in the game, located on the northern side of the Squabble River, west-northwest to the Dueling Peaks mountain. It's flanked by three Bokoblin encampments, two that are west to the tower at the northern side of the river in first, a skull camp, and second, at a fireplace with a Cooking Pot that leads to a rock formation leading to the tower located to the tower's northwest; the third encampment is an abandoned Bokoblin treehouse located across the river on the southern side.

Should the player want to advance the story (as the Old Man directs Link towards Kakariko Village), the tower would be the second tower activated overall, though this is entirely optional.


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Note: This region does not feature Test of Strength Shrines.