Four Elements

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Four Elements
Link infusing the Four Elements




Infuse with the Picori Blade to create the Four Sword

The Four Elements are the rewards of completing main quest dungeons in The Minish Cap. They are needed to create the legendary blade, the Four Sword.

Earth Element


Link gets the Earth Element after beating a regular Green Chuchu on Deepwood Shrine, but, as he is Minish-sized, the ChuChu is a giant-sized threat.

This first element is only infused at the White Sword later on the game.

Fire Element


Link gets the Fire Element after beating its guardian, Gleerok, in the Cave of Flames. This element, together with the Earth Element, when infused in the White Sword, will increase the strength of his sword.

Water Element


Link gets the Water Element early in Temple of Droplets, by melting the ice surrounding it. But when Link melts it, it will unfreeze Big Octorok, the boss of the dungeon, who will steal the element. This forces Link to beat him in order to get it back. When infused, the White Sword will get a power upgrade.

Wind Element


Link obtains the Wind Element after beating Gyorg Pair, the guardian of the Palace of Winds. When infused, the White Sword will become the Four Sword.