Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals Guide

Below you will find a Gratitude Crystals guide for Skyward Sword, listing every individual one you can collect, along with ones you can find through various side quests. For full context as to where each heart piece can be found within the game, be sure to take a look at our Skyward Sword Walkthrough.

Finding Kukiel

Available after placing the Ruby Tablet in the Tower of the Goddess

Wyrna's Missing Daughter

Immediately after you put the Ruby Tablet in the Chamber of the Goddess, you'll go outside and see Wyrna looking for her daughter, Kukiel. She asks you to look for her too and you can speak with various townfolk about the girl's whereabouts as well.

Orielle's Rumor (Optional)

Over near the houses to the east, you'll see Orielle, the girl with the brown hair dressed in white, orange and maroon. She's got a thought bubble over her head and you can optionally talk with her about a wild rumor she heard. She says there's a dude with a crazy story about some monster kidnapping kids and once she realizes you might think it's true, she tells you where to find the guy and hear the story for yourself.

Rusta's Monster Story (Optional)

Rusta can be found in the Lumpy Pumpkin at all hours, grumbling that no one listens to him or takes him seriously. It doesn't take much to get him to spill the tale about how he saw a monster in the graveyard in Skyloft, as well as explains in detail how the demon entered the storage shed.

Graveyard's Secret

Now that we know what to do, sleep in any bed in Skyloft to make it night, then go to the graveyard in the southeast corner. Go hit the tombstone closest to the tree to make it start glowing, then push/pull it. This will make the storage shed door open. Enter, go down the ladder and follow the ramp to the end. GASP, was that a child's scream? Enter the little building.

The Misunderstood Demon

Oh my! A big scary demon, who turns and roars at you! You can see the kid nearby, but she doesn't seem frightened. In order to progress, you need to slash the demon with your sword, which causes it to cower in fear and apologize profusely. He introduces himself as Batreaux (pronounced: bah-trow), a well mannered, kind-hearted monster who wants nothing more than to live in peace with the citizens of Skyloft. But everyone's afraid of him! This little girl isn't though, so they were playing a game of roaring and screaming. Yeah, cause that'll help things, now won't it? Anyway, he didn't mean to worry her parents, so she'll head home now and be safe and sound in the morning.
He goes on to explain that when humans help other humans, they can "form a substance known as Gratitude Crystals," which have the power to do amazing things! Batreaux is looking to collect these Crystals and hopefully, one day be able to use them to transform into a human himself. You wouldn't be willing to hunt them down for him, would you? Oh, that would be so splendid! Your efforts are sure to be rewarded!
This quest unlocks all of the following quests, some of which have other requirements before they become available. You can now find bunches of five Gratitude Crystals by helping people, but also 15 individual Crystals can be found laying about the world above the clouds. At the end of this guide, at the bottom of the page, you will find a list of all of the prizes and Crystals required to recieve them.

x5 The Happy Mother

Return to the surface and head to Kukiel's house. Sleep in a bed until morning, then speak with her mother, Wyrna. She's so relieved that her daughter is alright! Though my, she has some strange stories to tell... This will grant you your first five Gratitude Crystals! You can head back to Batreaux to get your first reward from him now, if you wish... (Again, look at the bottom of this page to see a list of all the rewards.)

First 10 Individual Gratitude Crystals

Available after finding Kukiel (and speaking with Batreaux about Gratitude Crystals)

Remember, you can only find individual Gratitude Crystals at night!

#7 In the Sparring Hall up in the rafters. Use the Beatle to get it.

#6 Inside the Knight Academy, on the desk in Link's room.

#5 Inside the Knight Academy, in a plant near the upper door.

#4 On a lower ledge just north of the Bazaar.

#8 Just south of the Knight Academy, look off to west and you'll see vines leading down to a chunk of land.

#9 Just south of the Bazaar, inside Orielle and Parrow's house.

#10 Around the back side of the Light Tower.

Note: Remember, all of these are only found at night! This includes those indoors!

#3 Through the Waterfall Cave, in the alcove where your Loftwing was being held.

#2 Through the Waterfall Cave, as you emerge back into the night.

#1 Behind a tree near the pumpkin patch next to the eastern houses.

Orielle's Injured Loftwing

Available after finding Kukiel (and speaking with Batreaux about Gratitude Crystals)

Parrow, The Concerned Brother (Optional)

After speaking with Batreaux about Gratitude Crystals, you'll find Parrow wandering in circles in the plaza of Skyloft (far south) with a thought bubble above his head. You can optionally chat with him to hear his worries over his missing sister, Orielle. She went flying recently and has been gone much longer than she normally would be. "She said she was curious about that colorful island that appeared recently, so I suspect she's somewhere in the southwestern sky." You wouldn't mind investigating the issue, right?

Crash Landing

As you travel to the southwest, you'll see Fun Fun Island in the distance. A little ways before it is a small, green island where you'll easily spot Orielle and her Loftwing. Dive off your own bird and have a chat with her. She explains that her bird got injured and she had to make a crash landing here on this small platform. She doesn't want to leave her bird and she needs bird medicine. In fact, her brother probably has some.

Mushroom Spores

At this point, you can head back to the southern plaza in Skyloft and speak with Parrow, who will give you a bottle of Mushroom Spores. Alternatively, you can also get Mushroom Spores in the Faron Woods or Deep Woods by slashing mushrooms and swiping the bottle to catch the spores.
Note: This event grants you one of the five Bottles in the game, but if you got the spores yourself, you can return to Parrow later and he'll reward you with a Bottle in thanks instead.

x5 Orielle's Savior

Return to Orielle and speak with her. Once the dialog option appears, hand her the Spores and she'll sprinkle them on her bird's wing. Good as new! She's so thankful that you'll recieve five Gratitude Crystals! Now doesn't helping people feel good?

x5 Parrow's Gratitude

We're not done yet! Return to Parrow in Skyloft and he'll be extremely grateful as well, giving you another five Gratitude Crystals!
This is the only quest that yields 10 total Gratitude Crystals from people.
Note: If you didn't get the bottle full of Mushroom Spores from Parrow earlier, and instead got the spores yourself, he will now give you the empty bottle as a reward.

Peatrice and Peater: "The Unwanted Admirer"

Available after finding Kukiel (and speaking with Batreaux about Gratitude Crystals)

Teasing The Bored Item Check Teller

In the Bazaar in Skyloft, There's a "shop" called the Item Check, which is like a bank for your items. Because you can't hold very many items in your Adventure Pouch at once, you'll frequent this location. The Item Check girl is bored out of her mind (as well as a little boy crazy). Initially, she treats you somewhat rudely, but will become familiar with you and assume you are interested in her. Her dialog changes as the days progress, meaning, if you never sleep in a bed, her dialog will not change. Typically, you will naturally sleep several times throughout the game for various quests and notice the change over time... However, it is totally possible to do this entire quest all at once (though it's kind of a waste of time, since it takes 20+ minutes, when you can simply wait and let it progress on its own as you use the Item Check in general). So while it IS possible to complete this whole quest rather early in the game, it's probably easier and a great deal less work to let it progress naturally and finish the quest when the time comes.
Note: You can also speak with her in her house at night to see different (optional) dialog that also changes as you progress.

That Rascal!

At a certain point, Peatrice will not progress beyond calling you her darling and the dialog will not change. When this happens, you need to speak with Peater (her father) at night in their house in Skyloft. It's the door located nearest the south entrance of the Bazaar.
NOTE: If this is your first time speaking with Peater, (either here or at Bamboo Island,) he will merely introduce himself, NOT complete this event! To progress, simply sleep in one of the beds until the next night, then talk with him again. Easy, right?

Let's Speak In Private

Only after speaking with her father and agreeing to chase down the lowlife pestering his daughter, go see Peatrice at the Item Check and she'll ask to see you in her house at night.

x5 Option A: Pleasing The Father

When you meet up with Peatrice at night, deny her love and break her heart to pieces. Sleep in the bed until the next night, then talk with her father, who is overjoyed that you got rid of the creep who was after his pumpkin. From here on, she'll try to get over you, though it's hard. While sad, the statements are somewhat humorous, particularly because the whole thing is so exaggerrated.
Note: You can only choose one event or the other. It is not possible to complete both.

x5 Option B: Love From Afar

When you meet up with Peatrice at night, tell her it's true love. She knows that you have "something really important" you need to do though, so she's willing to wait. From now on, every time you see her at the Item Check, she'll continue calling you darling and beg you to come see her soon. While not as depressing as the other option, it's kinda sad to wonder what happens after the game is done, no?
Note: You can only choose one event or the other. It is not possible to complete both.

Mallara's Dusty House

Available once you've completed the Lanayru Mining Facility

x5 Maid Service For The Lazy

In the lower-right corner of Skyloft is several houses. The lower center house belongs to Mallara and Pipit. She's nice and all, but uh, she has a problem keeping the house clean... Now that you have the Gust Bellow, she'll offer to pay you to dust the house. Say yes and you'll be allowed to use it indoors. Blast all of the dust in the house (don't forget the windows, cabinets, etc.)! Don't worry about breaking jars and such, she apparently doesn't mind. (Does anyone in Zelda games?) Once you have successfully removed all of the dust, she'll gift you with a jaw-dropping TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF RUPEES!!! Twenty to be exact. OH, and the first time, you'll also recieve five Gratitude Crystals. Sweeeeet.

Pipit's Scolding (Optional)

If you swing by Mallara's House at night, you'll be able to overhear a conversation between herself and her angry son, who is furious that she's paying someone else to do the work that she should easily be able to do herself (and the money is coming out of his pocket). Oops. You can dust for her again anytime for more of Pipit's rupees. Just thought you'd like to know.

Fledge's Confidence

Available after completing the Lanayru Mining Facility

Luv's Stamina Potions

Once you've completed the Lanayru Mining Facility, Luv has a new potion available in the Bazaar. Of course, they had to let us buy Stamina Potions after all that Lanayru quicksand, right? -.-

Just Need Some Energy, That's All

If you speak with Fledge from now on, he'll mention that you should come by and see him in his room at night. Head to the Knight Academy, enter his room (right next to yours) and sleep in his bed. You'll find him attempting to do pushups, but he doesn't get very far. You wouldn't have a Stamina Potion would you? Giving him a potion encourages him to keep trying and get stronger. Later, (as in, after completing another dungeon,) you can return and he'll have gotten further, but wants another Stamina Potion. The third time you come to him (again, after a long time,) he'll be a freakin' pushup ninja. Didn't know those existed, DID YA?!

Earliest first potion delivery available: After the Lanayru Mining Facility
Earliest the second potion delivery is available: After the Ancient Cistern

x5 Infinite Pushups!

A good while after you've given him the second Stamina Potion, you can return to Fledge's room for him to show off and thank you. He wouldn't have been able to do it without your encouragement. Five Gratitude Crystals, yeah! Also, you can now play his Pumpkin Pull game near the Sparring Hall to win a Piece of Heart.
Earliest available: After the Sandship

Dodoh's Party Wheel

Available after you have repaired Gondo's family robot, Scrapper

How Can Anyone Have Fun Now?

Once you have fixed Scrapper and reached the Isle of Songs, Fun Fun Island to the southwest is now open...! Or is it...? When you arrive, Dodoh can be found sulking in depression. He's lost his colorful party wheel and his game simply CANNOT be played without it. But his wheel fell beneath the clouds! THE CLOUDS! Is there no way to get it back? Once you've spoken with him, Fi will allow you to Dowse for it.

The Party Wheel

Go to the Lanayru province and drop down to "South Desert." Go towards the mine cart to the south and blow up the rocks here. Hit the Timeshift Stone that was hiding in one of them, then climb the vines that appeared nearby. Grab onto the nearby handhold and take it to the far left. Follow this path to find the Party Wheel. Have Fi call Scrapper, then return to the Sky.

x5 Clowns Are Happy For A Reason

Bring the party wheel back to Fun Fun Island and Dodoh will be SO happy! JOYOUS! Chorus of little birdies! Five Gratitude Crystals! Oh, and his mini-game is now officially open for business (which leads to a Piece of Heart by the way).

Cawlin's Love Letter

Available after defeating The Imprisoned the first time

Dovos's Rumor (Optional)

After defeating The Imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds, you'll see this guy in the Bazaar has a thought bubble over his head. He mentions weird things going on in the Knight's Academy.

Henya's Complaint (Optional)

The lunch lady is upset that someone's making noise in the bathroom late at night. Makes it hard to get any sleep! (Why does she care, she doesn't even own a room in the Academy!)

Voice From The Bathroom?

Sleep in any bed, then head to the bathroom at the end of the hall on the lower level. As you approach, you'll hear moaning. Get closer and a ghost-sounding voice will tell you that it's in dire need of paper. Ew.

A Very Important Letter

Only after you've spoken with the person in the bathroom, from then on, you can find Cawlin hanging out on the lower level during the day. Speak with him to hear of his plight. He's got his eyes on one of his senior classmen of the female nature. Ree-ow! He's too embarrassed to deliver the letter himself though, you wouldn't mind helping him out, right? What? That weirdo in the bathroom wants paper? By no means should you give that person his letter!

Option A: "???"

The first option for delivering the letter is to bring it to the bathroom at night. Inform the voice that you have paper and whoever it is will unlock the door. Inside, you'll see a ghostly apparation of a pale, floating hand hanging out in the toilet. Offer it the letter and after assuring that it's okay to use it, the hand will thank you and disappear.

A: Cawlin's Frightened

Sleep in a bed until day, then go find Cawlin. Let him know of your decision and he'll be very upset. He storms off crying and hides in Groose's room. From now on, whenever you speak with him, he'll be very angry with you.

A: x5 Hand Love

Sleep in any of the other beds in the Academy, then go to Groose's room. Cawlin is sleeping in Groose's bed and the hand is caressing him lovingly. Speak with the hand and it'll explain how happy it is to have found someone with such tender, heartfelt feelings and will never leave Cawlin's side! This will grant you five Gratitude Crystals.
Note: You can only choose one option or the other. It is not possible to complete both.

Option B: Deliver The Letter To Karane

The other option for the letter is to deliver it to Karane like Cawlin wanted. She'll get very excited, thinking it's from Pipit, but after reading it, she's in for a surprise once she reaches the signature. She feels bad, but not bad enough to actually date Cawlin, HA! "Sigh... I wonder what Pipit would think if he knew about this..."

B: Upperclassman's Concern

Pipit can be found upstairs patrolling the halls. Speak with him to inform him of the letter and he'll get very flustered, trying to rationalize his reaction. Uh-huh, yeah, I see how it is... =)

B: x5 Aww!

Head back downstairs and enter the classroom where Cawlin is talking with Karane about the letter. Before long, Pipit interrupts and pronounces his affection. Karane agrees to date the guy in yellow, causing Cawlin to run off crying (déjà vu man). The couple will express their thankfulness to you and you'll recieve five Gratitude Crystals. From now on, they'll both thank you for getting them together while Cawlin hides in Groose's room and cries himself to sleep.
Note: You can only choose one option or the other. It is not possible to complete both.

Bertie And Luv: Finding The Rattle

Available once you have the Clawshots

Unhappy Baby

After acquiring the Clawshots, you can return to Skyloft and enter Bertie and Luv's house. Sleep in the bed until night, then speak with Bertie, the husband, who is awake with the baby. He explains that their child has been cranky and unable to sleep ever since the Rattle went missing. If you stumble across it, bring it back, will ya?

Rattle Hunting

On the far east side of Skyloft, there's floating islands (one of which has the iconic waterfall). Once you've acquired the Clawshots, you can use it to latch onto the vines and work your way from island to island to get on top of the big one. If it's night, you will also find Individual Crystal #14. Circle around to the south side and look straight ahead. The windmill is ahead of you, across the water. Get a running jump off the ledge and tilt the wiimote pretty far forward (but not forward enough to make Link dive) and glide to the windmill, which has a nest on top of it. Looks like it's got a dust pile on it though... strange... Use the Gust Bellow to clear the junk off and you'll find the Rattle!

x5 Sleep At Last!

Return to Bertie and give him the Rattle. That is one happy father! At long last, he can get some rest, meaning you just earned yourself five Gratitude Crystals!

Last Five Individual Crystals

Available after obtaining the Clawshots

Remember, you can only find individual Gratitude Crystals at night!

x1 Individual Crystal #11

Fly to Pumpkin Landing and sleep in one of the beds in the Lumpy Pumpkin to make it night. Run upstairs to find this crystal on the counter.
Note: This one is available quite early, but because the prizes are in sets of 10, unless you get all of the remaining 5, it does nothing for you anyway.

x1 Individual Crystal #12

Also at Pumpkin Landing, this one is outside. Go to the huge pumpkin patch and (when facing it) turn right. Follow the ramp that leads down to the storage shed where a crystal awaits you.
Note: This one is available quite early, but because the prizes are in sets of 10, unless you get all of the remaining 5, it does nothing for you anyway.

x1 Individual Crystal #13

Requires: Beatle
Also found "in Skyloft," this one requires you enter Beedle's airshop during the day, then sleep in his bed until night. Exit the airshop and look up to see a crystal floating above one of the propellers, which you can use the Beatle to retrieve.

x1 Individual Crystal #14

Requires: Clawshot or Tough Beatle
On the west side of Skyloft is a series of floating islands (one of which has the big waterfall). Using the Clawshots, you can latch onto the vines hanging from the edges to get up to the big island. The crystal is at the mouth of the waterfall, so you can simply walk into it.
Alternatively, you can get it earlier while on the ground below by using the Tough Beatle (which can fly further than the regular one).

x1 Individual Crystal #15

Requires: Clawshot
You can sleep in any bed in Skyloft to make it night. Run to the Knight's Academy and shimmy along the south side to reach the vines leading on top of the Academy itself. There's a chimney-like dealio here for venting moist air from the bath. Grapple onto the target under the china cap and drop down, then crawl through the obvious passage which leads to Zelda's room in the Academy. At night, there's a Gratitude Crystal here on the floor, but, being the thoughtful gal she is, there's also Piece of Heart awaiting us in the cabinet. ^-^

Kina's Pumpkin Harvest

Available after defeating The Imprisoned the second time

A Girl In Distress!

Note: This is only available after breaking the chandelier (Piece of Heart #2), delivering the soup, playing the Harp in the Lumpy Pumpkin at night, and after helping Kina carry the pumpkins to the storage shed.
During the day, Kina can be found outside the Lumpy Pumpkin near the pumpkin patch. After the second Imprisoned battle, she has a thought bubble over her head. The Pumpkins are ready to be harvested, but it's a lot of work... Is there someone out there who could work the patch for her?

Someplace Cool

If you return to Eldin Volcano and drop down to the "Volcano East" bird statue, you'll be right next to the "volcano" in the middle of the southern half of the Eldin area. Jump into the air geyser to get inside, then use a running jump to get inside, making Link glide (as opposed to falling quickly). Inside the inactive volcano, glide down to the top-right pillar where the Mogma Elder, Guld, is chillin'. Talk with him, and he'll express interest in searching for treasure some place where he really gets paid for his work, ya know? Some place that isn't scorching would be a nice change... Use Fi to call the Robot and take the Mogma to the sky.

x5 Harvest Happiness

Guld is a little upset at the turn of events, realizing you intend him to do menial labor, but after some innocent encouragement from Kina, he excitedly gets to work. Kina is extremely happy, gaining you five Gratitude Crystals.
Note: If you speak with Guld outside at night, he says he thinks Kina might be interested in him. Hey, it could happen!

Sparrot's Crystal Ball

Available after defeating The Imprisoned the second time

Didn't See This Coming... (Optional)

After the second Imprisoned battle, when you return to the Bazaar, you'll probably notice that Sparrot, the fortune teller, is not at his station. Did something happen? If you chat with the locals, some of them will comment that his crystal ball broke and he can't tell fortunes anymore. They think it's ironic that he didn't foresee it.

Eyes Clouded In Dispair!

Head over to Sparrot's house in the far east (you have to come at it from the left side, going under the landbridge) and speak with him to hear of his turmoil. After the wounded guy expresses his concerns, he remembers how you fixed Gondo's robot Scrapper and got something from the surface. There isn't a chance you could find another crystal ball just like his old one, is there?! Fi will then give you the Dowsing option for it.

Finding A Crystal Ball

Soar over to Eldin and drop down to the "Earth Temple" bird statue. Just outside of the Earth Temple entrance itself, notice that it has a very decorative design covering the entire front. Off on the left side, there's a lampost-looking thing with an orb at the top that looks suspiciously familiar. To reach this upper ledge, head over to the left and use the air geyser to get on top of the higher platform. Clawshot to the target against the temple and check out the orb to have Fi send for Scrapper.

x5 Eyes Moist With Gratitude!

Return to Sparrot's house and he'll be extremely excited to see the new crystal ball. It's just like the old one! You know what that means, donchya? Gratitude Crystals baby! Five of 'em! Additionally, the next fortune you get from him will be half off.

Beedle's Horned Colossus Beatle

Available after defeating Levias

Speak With Strich On Bug Island

After defeating Levias, Thunderhead will clear up and look much less menacing (not much else changes honestly). Strich flew in to investigate and found an island which he swears is a truly awesome place to hunt for bugs. Nifty. He has a game available for you which you may want to at least practice with (you'll see).
Click here to see our Bug Island guide (coming soon).

Something's Bugging Him... (Optional)

Only after you've spoken with Strich on Bug Island, you can return to Skyloft and enter Beedle's airshop. Speak with him if you wish, he merely says that he wants to talk with you later that night.

Beedle's Beetle

Sleep on the bed in Beedle's airshop to go to his island. Go outside and speak with him next to the fire to hear of his dire situation. His prized Beetle is missing! Where could it possibly be? Hmm... Sleep on the bed in the airshop to return to Skyloft.

Bug Hunting Challenge

Head back to Bug Island in Thunderhead and confront Strich about it. He'll rant for a bit about how happy he is that he's found such a rare bug, but once you break the news to him, he's reluctant to give it up so easily. He suggests that you take the expert course of his bug hunting challenge, and he'll even reduce the price for this event. Complete his game within the time limit and he'll fork over the Horned Colossus Beetle.
Click here to see our Bug Island guide (coming soon).

x5 Colossal Gratitude!

Return to Skyloft, sleep on the bed in the airshop, then chat with Beedle by the fire. With his prized pet back, Beedle is so overjoyed. *sniff* And... BAM! Five Gratitude Crystals! That's how it's done! MMMmmmm! Additionally, he'll reduce the price of the next thing you buy in his shop to half off.

Instructor Owlan's Request

Available after you've completed the Faron part of the Song of the Hero

Something To Study

After defeating Levias in Thunderhead, you can return to Owlan in the Knight's Academy and speak with him in his room upstairs. You may have noticed he has a ton of plants in his room, which he says he's studied to the extent he's able. He has every known species found in the sky, but you've been to lands below. You don't suppose, while you're down there, you might find him something new? Something exciting and completely unique would be nice... Fi will give you the Dowsing option for a plant that "meets those specifications."

A Place Less Dangerous, Koo-Weep?

The obvious first place to look is in Faron. Go to the Faron Woods and as you Dowse, you'll find it takes you to that clearing to the far right where the Kikwis gather. Turns out, it leads right to Oolo, one of the five Kikwis. Since the Water Dragon flooded the forest, the bad guys have pretty much been nonexistant. But Oolo's not falling for it. No way! He won't be deluded. Sooner or later, they'll be running and hiding for their lives all over again. Is there not someplace truly safe from preditors and scary baddies? Have Fi call Scrapper and take the Kikwi to the sky.

x5 Flora or Fauna? Simply Amazing!

Owlan is facinated by the Kikwi and unsure what to even classify it as. It may be an entirely new species altogether. Truly remarkable! Five Gratitude Crytals! Oolo's unsure about this turn of events and is shy about being studied, but he's taking your word for it concerning the safety of this odd place.

Batreaux's Gratitude Crystals

Available after finding Kukiel (and speaking with Batreaux about Gratitude Crystals)

Batreaux's Prizes

After finding Kukiel and getting her to return home, many different quests will be available for you to help the people found in the sky. By doing these good deeds, you'll gain Gratitude Crystals, which you can then bring to Batreaux in exchange for prizes. They are totally optional, but will be helpful if you plan to purchase a lot of the upgrades from Beedle's airshop and Gondo's Scrap Shop.
Number of
5Medium Wallet
10Piece of Heart
30Big Wallet
30Cursed Medal
40Gold Rupee
50Giant Wallet
70Gold Rupee x2
80Tycoon Wallet

Cursed Medal

After you've collected 30 Gratitude Crystals and speak with Batreaux, a chest will appear to one side containing the Cursed Medal. This optional item goes in your Adventure Pouch and makes you unable to open it (can't use shields or bottles). You can only take it out of your inventory by speaking with the Item Check girl in the Bazaar.

Dowsing For Crystals

If you speak with Batreaux after completing the Sandship, (upgrading your sword to the Goddess White Sword,) Fi will now have the option to Dowse for Gratitude Crystals. This only applies to individual single crystals found in the sky. It DOES NOT let you dowse for crystal related quests.

Becoming Human

After you've gathered all of the Gratitude Crystals (80) and acquired the rewards, Batreaux will transform into a human. He's very excited by his radical change in appearance (which is ironic, because he basically looks the exact same). From now on, you can find Batreaux in the Bazaar during the day, hanging out with the citizens of Skyloft like he always wanted. Also, there are no more enemies in Skyloft at night. The only exception to this is Remlits (the cats), who are still present, but they are no longer aggressive and simply.... cute... instead... all the time...