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The Rocktite is an overworld Mini-Boss found in Spirit Tracks. It is required to be fought at least twice throughout the game. Also, there is a third sequence where it can be fought in order to collect and finish the Force Gem Side Quest.

The Rocktite can be found in three separate locations, but is found exclusively within train tunnels. It is first spotted within the Train Tunnel that leads to the Snow Sanctuary. One of the Anouki will inform Link that there's a gigantic monster inhabiting said train tunnel, blocking his access to the Sanctuary.[1] Once the hero defeats the monster and successfully makes it out of the Train Tunnel, he will reach his desired location.

As the game progresses, Link will encounter the Rocktite yet again. Only this time, it is within the Sand Realm. Link will need to defeat it in order to come one step closer to completing the Three Trials.[2] Unlike before, the Rocktite this time around will temporarily keep its sole weakspot, its eye, closed. To open its eye and to also injure it, Link will need to fire his Cannon towards one of several nearby explosive barrels.

The third and final Rocktite is completely optional to fight, but when defeated will reward the hero with a Force Gem. It can be found lurking within a dark tunnel that stands between the Sand and Fire Realm. Its main purpose is to prevent Link from delivering the Dark Ore to Linebeck III. Unlike previous versions of the Rocktite, this one will send several Tektite at Link while it hides within the shadows.


The Rocktite is very similar to Gohma from previous Zelda installments. Its weakspot is its eye, and it aimlessly climbs up walls in an attempt to eventually strike the hero. If Link shoots this monster's eye with his Cannon, it'll both stun and injure it. After several carefully aimed shots with the Cannon, the Rocktite will be defeated.



  1. "Oh, right! I was so jazzed about gettin' the teams together, I almost forgot. Ya were tryin' to make your way out to the Snow Sanctuary, weren't ya? Meetin' with Steem, right? Well it's a pain to get there, but here's the deal. The good news is that the Snow Sanctuary isn't all that far from here. The bad news is that the only way there is outta commission.[.] Technically speakin', the tunnel that goes there is still intact... But no one's used it since that ginormous monster moved in a few years back. See, us Anoukis are thinkers, not monster fighters. But I can tell you're cut from different cloth than us! Sturdier cloth! Sure, the tunnel to the Snow Sanctuary is scary, but you can handle it! Here's the entrance. If ya decide to use it, be careful in there, OK? You're a good guy. I'd hate to see ya get hurt. Plus... I'd look like a doof if it got out that I showed ya how to get there![.][.]" — Anouki, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "To get to the Sand Temple, you must pass three trials. First, you will encounter the big eye that looms in the shadows. Second, you will traverse the twisted tunnels. And finally, you will face the impenetrable temple. What awaits you there, you must discover with your own eyes, young man." — Rael, Spirit Tracks.