Hero of the Wild Set

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Hero of the Wild Set

The Hero of the Wild Set (AKA Set of the Wild or Wild Set) is an Armor set from Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

The Hero of the Wild Set is obtainable at the Forgotten Temple after the completion of all 120 Shrines of Trials. The last monk prompts Link to seek the set at the aforementioned temple[1].

The design is effectively the game's customary green Hero's garb for Breath of the Wild, in the tradition of previous games.


Each armor part requires parts from one of the three dragons in the game:

Armor Dragon Parts
Cap of the Wild
Tunic of the Wild
Trousers of the Wild

Enhancing Armor requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level.

Tier Defense Materials
7 10 x Acorn
2 x Dragon's Scale
★★ 12 5 × Courser Bee Honey
2 x Dragon's claw
★★★ 18 5 × Energetic Rhino Beetle
2 x Shard of Dragon's Fang
★★★★ 28 1 × Star Fragment
2 x Shard of Dragon's Horn


The armor can be located inside the Forgotten Temple behind the Rona Kachta Shrine. Three chests appear at the front of the giant Goddess Statue containing the set parts.


The set provides the Master Sword Beam Up after the set is upgraded to ★★ tier. Increases damage output when holding R to shoot beams from the Master Sword.

Alongside the Ancient Set and the Soldier's Set, the Wild Set is among the strongest sets in the game in terms of defense when fully upgraded.


  • As stated by the game's production, the use of blue clothes for Link (the Champion's Tunic) instead of a green tunic was done in order to provide better contrast with the mostly green expanse of the game's setting. The Champion's Tunic can be obtained more expeditiously than the Hero of the Wild Set, though the game allows for an earlier completion of the 120 shrines if the player chooses to do so.
  • It's the only "Hero" set that can be dyed, and the only one obtained not through the use of an amiibo.
  • This set requires the most conditions for its obtainment, second to none. There are no other obtainable items or armor in the whole game that require nearly as much completion as this one does, including DLC-exclusives and amiibo.
  • The set is the only non-purchaseable set awarded to Link whose headgear, tunic and greaves are all found in the exact same location. All other sets of the nature are found scattered inside chests across Hyrule.
  • The Hero of the Wild Set and the Zora Set are the only sets in the base game that cannot be bought or sold.
  • The reach of the beam shot from the Master Sword does not depend on this set, but rather, on the amount of heart containers Link has obtained. The more hearts Link has, the further away the beam reaches.

Age of Calamity

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  1. "You have at last conquered all of our trials. Having fulfilled our purpose, we monks bestow upon you this... The warrant of the true hero. You must now depart for the Forgotten Temple.." — Sheikah Monk, Breath of the Wild