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The Zora Royal Family is the Royal Family of the Zora Tribe in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past

The only member of the Royal Family is King Zora, who can be found at Zora's Waterfall.[1] In contrast to the rest of the Zora, King Zora is co-operative with Link, offering to sell him a pair of Zora's Flippers for 500 Rupees. King Zora tells Link that he is welcome to visit any time he wishes to see the King's "fishy face".

Ocarina of Time

The Zora Royal Family in Ocarina of Time lives within Zora's Domain, comprised of King Zora De Bon XVI and his daughter, Princess Ruto. Their patron deity is Lord Jabu-Jabu, who is found within Zora's Fountain. Princess Ruto is in charge of preparing his meals morning and night.[2] According to the Legend of Zora, the act of offering a fish to Lord Jabu-Jabu makes you happy.[3]

Oracle of Ages

There are two Kings in Oracle of Ages; one in the Present, and his ancestor in the Past, both of whom preside over Zora Village.[4] Originally, Link meets the Zora as a leaderless group, due to the King of 400 years prior succumbing to illness without an heir. Link then travels to the Past to give the dying King Zora the Magic Potion, hence saving his life. Upon returning to the Present, the King's descendant, who himself is now King, gives Link his blessing to enter the fully grown Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Twilight Princess

The Zora Royal Family in Twilight Princess consists of King Zora, Queen Rutela and Prince Ralis, however both the King and Queen were murdered by Zant.[5] The King is never met, but his Queen is, as a spirit. When Link thaws the icy Zora's Domain, Queen Rutela's ghost appears and thanks him. She requests that Link save her son, Prince Ralis, and offers in return the protection of water, in the form of the Zora Armor.[6] Prince Ralis was saved by Ilia but became ill and so was taken to Telma's Bar. The local doctor, Dr. Borville, has no knowledge of how to treat a Zora, so the Prince is taken to Renado in Kakariko Village. Ralis is treated but loses heart upon hearing of the demise of his mother. In time, Link helps the Prince come to his senses, and is gifted with the Coral Earring. Prince Ralis then returns to Zora's Domain.

A Link Between Worlds

The sole Zora Royal of A Link Between Worlds is Queen Oren. She is first seen in a heavily bloated state, due to the Shady Guy stealing her Smooth Gem. Link purchases the Smooth Gem, which has made its way into the hands of the Street Merchant, and returns it to Queen Oren, whose bloating immediately ceases. Oren gives Link the Zora's Flippers as thanks. She is later trapped in a painting by Yuga for she is both a descendant and a member of the Seven Sages. She is awakened after her rescue from Lorule's Swamp Palace.

Breath of the Wild

The monarch of the Zora is King Dorephan who has a son named Prince Sidon. Sidon had an older sister, Princess Mipha. 100 years prior, she was chosen to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta to combat Calamity Ganon. However, when the Calamity struck, it sent Waterblight Ganon to Vah Ruta, subsequently killing Mipha. As Vah Ruta was causing extreme rainfall and flooding, Prince Sidon went out searching for a non-Zora to appease it with electricity. He denied the Goron Reagah due to being too heavy, and ended up finding Link. When they reach Zora's Domain, King Dorephan recognises the fallen knight from a century ago. He requests that Link conquers Vah Ruta to protect Hyrule from mass flooding. Link does so, slaying Waterblight Ganon and freeing Mipha's spirit, who grants him Mipha's Grace. She then moves the Divine Beast to get a clear shot at Calamity Ganon.


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