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Reagah is a Goron from Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

Reagah is a Goron who can be found in Zora's Domain. He patrols around in the Hammerhead, the weapons workshop on the lowest floor of Zora's Domain, which is part of Marot Mart. Reagah is a traveler but was recruited to come to Zora's Domain by Prince Sidon. When Sidon was looking for somebody to help deal with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, he recruited Reagah as he's a Goron. Gorons are a rock-like race, which makes them less vulnerable to Shock Arrows. However, because of his weight, Sidon would not be able to carry him on his back, making it impossible for the two to battle together against the Divine Beast.[1]

Reagah is very courteous and likes to chat with Link.[2][3] He mentions he's from Goron City, just near Death Mountain. Unlike Zora's Domain, it is super hot over in Goron City.[4] Death Mountain is a massive volcano that on sunny days can be seen from anywhere in Hyrule. Since he's a Goron, Reagah eats rocks, so it is very comfortable to live around the mountain.[5] Despite eating rocks, Reagah hates the taste of gems. He tells Link that those are much better used as items to sell, or for crafting materials in the workshop.[6]


  1. Hey. You're a Hylian, aren't you? It's rare to see your kind around here. As for me, I was roamin' nearby during my travels when Prince Sidon recruited me and brought me here. That's cuz I can touch shock arrows. But I also weigh...well, a lot. "There's no way I'll be able to carry you on my back!" ...That's what Prince Sidon said to me. That was kinda rude of him, wasn't it? - Reagah
  2. Hey. If you're free, would ya like to chat? - Reagah
  3. Is there somethin' else ya wanna ask? - Reagah
  4. I'm from Goron City! It's near Death Mountain. It's super hot there. Unlike here. - Reagah
  5. What? You don't know about Death Mountain?! On a sunny day, you can see the volcano from anywhere in Hyrule! Us Gorons eat rocks, ya know. So it's really comfortable for us to live around Death Mountain. - Reagah
  6. That's right! They're the best! Rocks are great, but the ones called gems... Ya know, the sparkly ones? Those taste terrible! Nothin' to do with those but sell 'em... or use 'em as craftin' materials in the ol' workshop. - Reagah