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This article is about the artifact. For the side quest to earn it, see The Thunder Helm.
Thunder Helm
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"A precious heirloom passed down among the Gerudo. It deflects lightning strikes and is traditionally worn only by the Gerudo chief"

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

The Thunder Helm is an heirloom belonging to Gerudo chiefs in Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. In both games, Link can obtain it as armor.


Breath of the Wild

The Thunder Helm is a Key Item, and later a quest-obtainable armor piece. It is an ancient heirloom of the Gerudo people with the ability to protect its wearer from lightning strikes. When Link arrives in Gerudo Town, he learns that the Thunder Helm has been stolen from the chief Riju by the Yiga Clan. Link is required to recover this item from the Yiga Clan Hideout in the Karusa Valley in order to gain Riju's trust. After the helm is returned to Riju, the sight of her wearing it will restore one of Link's memories. Riju wears the helm during the fight against Vah Naboris to protect herself and Link from Naboris's lightning strikes.

After completing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris dungeon, Link can examine the helm, which will cause Riju to ask if Link wishes to borrow it. If he claims he does, she will give Link a quest to help all the inhabitants of Gerudo Town.[1] She allows Link to use the Thunder Helm after he completes this quest. The Thunder Helm gives Link the "Lightning Proof" trait if worn.

If ultimately obtained, even if "borrowed" from Riju, the helm doesn't have to be returned on-camera.

Age of Calamity

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  • It's shown during the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest cutscenes that the Helm is too big for Riju's head.
  • The Helm's design is based on Vah Naboris' head.
  • Even after recovering the Helm and defeating the Divine Beast, Link is still not given permission to freely visit the town freely as a voe, so vai/women's clothing is always required to enter the town.
  • The Thunder Helm can be worn in place of the Gerudo Veil as long as the Gerudo Top is being worn and either the Gerudo Sirwal or the Sand Boots are worn.
  • Despite the fact that seeing the Thunder Helm on Riju stimulates Link's memory of Urbosa, Urbosa is never seen to wear it in Breath of the Wild.
  • Once acquired, the Thunder Helm cannot be sold at clothes shops, both due to the fact that it's a Gerudo treasure, and because it's a loaner.
  • The game will never allow the Helm to be worn to fight Thunderblight Ganon because its defeat is a conditio sine qua non to obtain the Helm:
    • The Helm is not obtainable until Thunderblight is defeated at Vah Naboris and several subsequent quests are cleared;
    • The Helm is not in the limited equipment given to Link to fight Thunderblight at the Illusory Realm, so even if it was obtained, it cannot be worn;
    • Fighting Thunderblight at the Sanctum implies that the player never cleared Vah Naboris, thus making it impossible to have the Helm at this point.



  1. "If you want to wield that power, then you must address the concerns of my people and bring a resolute peace to our town. Then you will be acknowledged as a friend of the Gerudo, and only then will I lend the helm to you." — Riju, Breath of the Wild