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Harms Digdogger
Reveals entrance to The Demon
Brings Link to the entrance of any dungeon he has beaten


The Recorder, also known as the Whistle, is a musical instrument found exclusively in The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda

The Recorder is the main item found in the fifth dungeon of the game, Level 5: The Lizard. It has three known uses, only two of which are required to complete the game; the last one is completely optional.




The first use of the Recorder is also the main one. If played while Link is fighting a Digdogger, the Digdogger will shrink into a much smaller version of itself. Link can defeat this mini-version of Digdogger with his Sword. It is impossible to defeat Digdogger without using the Recorder to weaken it first.

Level 7 Entrance

The second use of the Recorder is very specific and is only needed once. On the western side of Hyrule, there is a Fairy Fountain that does not house a Fairy. If Link plays his Recorder while on this screen, it will reveal a secret; the entrance to the seventh dungeon of the game, Level 7: The Demon! If Link ever needs to re-enter this dungeon at any point in the game, the Recorder will work everytime.

Overworld Travelling

The final thing the Recorder can do for Link is this: when played in the Overworld, Link will be warped to the entrance of a dungeon that he has previously defeated. The destination is determined by which direction Link is facing while using it, making the Recorder a very effective way of travelling across the overworld.