Hylian Retriever

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Hylian Retriever
Zelda with a Hylian Retriever



"The native breed of this mammal varies by region, but one thing remains true: this animal has been known as "man's best friend" since ancient times. They're clever and obedient, so aside from serving as pets, they are also put to work watching over grazing livestock. It's said that all Hylian retrievers are descendants of the dog once owned by the king of Hyrule."

— Hyrule Compendium Entry

The Hylian Retriever is a dog in Breath of the Wild. They can be found around the various Stables in Hyrule, as well as in towns and villages. To tame a Hylian Retriever, simply stand in front of one and wait. If Link feeds one, they may lead him to a treasure.[citation needed] At the Wetland Stable, a Hylian Retriever named Satty can be found.

Like most domesticated animals in the game, it cannot be killed, though they can be angered if attacked. An angered Hylian Retriever won't attack however, they'll just bark angrily.