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Satty is a male Hylian Retriever in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Satty is owned by the Hylian hunter Quince, and resides with him at the Wetland Stable.

If asked, Quince will relate the "pretty long story" of how he met Satty. Having heard about animals gathering on Satori Mountain, he went there to hunt for profit. While waiting for them to appear, a "dirty little pup" surprised him. Believing him to be abandoned by his owner or parents, Quince tossed him some jerky, and the pup ran off with it.

After some time, Quince had fallen asleep, and when he woke up the Lord of the Mountain was in front of him. When the "big glowing beast" started to run at him "like it want[ed] to trample [Quince]", the pup he had fed jumped between the two, and started barking at the giant stag-like animal to protect Quince, "even though [the pup] was trembling with fear". With the Lord of the Mountain stunned by the gesture, Quince grabbed the pup and stumbled down the mountain as fast as he could. Touched by the pup's intervention, Quince named him "Satty", and the two became firm companions thereafter.

If Link feeds Satty, he will lead him to a chest containing an Opal.