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This article is about the bow from Tears of the Kingdom. For the similar bow from Breath of the Wild, see Golden Bow.
Gerudo Bow
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Gerudo Canyon
Gerudo Desert
Gerudo Highlands

Base Power






Gerudo Bow is a bow found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"This Gerudo-made bow is popular for the fine ornamentations along its limbs. Designed for hunting and warfare alike, this bow was engineered to strike distant targets."

— Gerudo Bow in-game description

The Gerudo Bow, much like its earlier variation the Golden Bow, functions very similarly to the Phrenic Bow, giving Link a direct first person zoom view of any target when an arrow is drawn. It also shoots much farther and much more accurately than other standard bows, and of the two bows possesses the strongest base power. It can be found frequently used by Bokoblins and Lizalfoses in the Gerudo regions of the game, in the soldiers' barracks in Gerudo Town, and in the Gerudo Sanctuary under the North Gerudo Ruins, in the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room alongside one of every other type of Gerudo Weapon, a Ruby and a Topaz.