Goron City (Tears of the Kingdom)

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Goron City is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Goron City can be found on the western side of Death Mountain; the searing heat makes it near impossible for anyone but a Goron to live there. The location is mainly a mining village, and the boss of the village acts like a foreman of sorts.

The Marbled Rock Roast

When Link arrives, the city is afflicted by the rise of Marbled Rock Roast, which causes anyone who eats it to become lazy and only want more. This mostly affects the younger Gorons, as the elder Gorons cannot eat the hard rock. Those who have travelled to the City since warn Link to stay away from strange rocks, but also to not trust suspicious Gorons who have scammed many tourists.

Since Breath of the Wild, the city also seen the rise of YunoboCo, which mines the roast. It is headed by Yunobo, known across the area as President Yunobo. Yunobo displays a harsh and insincere attitude, a polar opposite to the attitude he used to have. Many of the Gorons are scared of him, and do not challenge his authority. Attempting to talk to Bludo in the City center will cause a conversation in which Yunobo appears, berating Bludo for complaining about the roast, and questioning why Link is in his City. This begins the Yunobo of Goron City Main Quest.

After the Marbled Rock Roast

Once Link and Yunobo resolve the Goron's Regional Phenomena, the Marbled Rock Roast disappears and the young Gorons are back to normal. Many return to work at their own shops, or take over for the elder Gorons who retire to the Hot Springs.

Jengo and others help to build Mine-Cart Land, a theme park where one can ride mine-carts. YunoboCo returns to its original purpose - mining the various ore around the city.

Rollin' Inn

Main article: Rollin' Inn

The Rollin' Inn is an Inn that is run by Tray. A regular bed with cost 20 rupees; a bed with a Goron massage will cost 50 rupees. After the Regional Phenomena, Tracy is now retired and Pyle has taken over the Inn.


Goron Gusto Shop

Main article: Goron Gusto Shop

The Goron Gusto Shop is a general store that sells many Goron or heat-related items, such as Fire Fruit, Goron Spice, and Rock Salt. It is run by Tanko, who is initially dismissive of Link while eating the Marbled Rock Roast. After the Regional Phenomena, Tanko is much more appreciative and sells the items at normal prices.

Ripped and Shredded

Main article: Ripped and Shredded

Ripped and Shredded is an armor shop that is run by Rogaro. It sells the full Flamebreaker Set. The three items in the set cost a total of 3300 rupees. Each item will give Link some Fire Resistance, allow him to travel into nearby caves and up Death Mountain.

Nearby Side Quests

Nearby Shrines