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Breath of the Wild
Southern Mine
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City


Dorill (father)

Axyl is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Axyl is a young Goron who can be found in the Southern Mine. During the daytime he can be seen rolling around the mine, alongside his friend Pelison. Axyl is the son of Dorill, who runs the Goron Group Mining Company at the Southern Mine.

When Link first chats with Axyl, Axyl will get worried when he realizes that Link is a Hylian.[1] He warns Link that just beyond Goron City, there are Magma Bombs raining down, which can be very dangerous to Hylians.[2] Additionally, he mentions that Death Mountain is burning hot.[3] At least this is what his father told him, he believes that because his father is a grown-up, he should be listened to.[4][5]

After 8pm each day, Axyl will get tired and will head off to bed, where he sleeps beside Pelison and his father, Dorill.[6][7]

Tears of the Kingdom

Axyl can be found sitting in the hot springs that flow into Goron City. As a younger Goron, he is one of the few not to be under the influence of Marbled Rock Roast. He is talking to himself, upset that Jengo is not making Mine-Cart Land.[8] If Link attempts to ask him any question, he will Link that he doesn't know him, Jengo told him not to talk to people he doesn't know.[9] Although he justifies talking to Link briefly, by saying Jengo keeps eating marbled rock roast and won't make Mine-Cart Land. Sitting in a hot spring makes his body feel good, but he is still sad about Mine-Cart Land.[10]

After the Goron Regional Phenomena, Axyl is much more open to talking with Link. He is very happy to have finally gone to Mine-Cart Land, which Jengo built.



  1. Hmph. Hello. Hm? Huh? Aaaah! A Hylian! This is bad! - Axyl
  2. B-b-because! Just beyond Goron City, they're rainin' down from the sky! Tons of...of magma bombs!! - Axyl
  3. WHAT?! You're gonna go?! All the way up the mountain?! N-n-no! You can't! It's not just magma bombs you have to worry about... My papa says the mountain is burning hot! It's burning! It's boiling! It's on fire! Well, anyway... You get my point. - Axyl
  4. You again? Papa says...the area up ahead is dangerous for Hylians! - Axyl
  5. That's right! Hylians should go home! You should listen to grown-ups! They know what's best!! ...That's what my papa says, anyway. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a kid. - Axyl
  6. I'm going' to sleep now... - Axyl
  7. *yaaaaawn* So sleepy... - Axyl
  8. "He said that he'd make Mine-Cart Land... Jengo is a liar..." — Axyl, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "... I don't know you. Jengo told me I shouldn't talk to people I don't know." — Axyl, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "Even if hot springs make my body feel good, they don't seem to make my heart feel good..." — Axyl, Tears of the Kingdom