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Axyl (son)
Jengo (subordinate)
Greyson (subordinate)
Bohrin (subordinate)

Dorill is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Dorill is a Goron who works as a miner in the Southern Mine. During the daytime he can be seen with his massive pick-axe, mining the large boulders. Dorill is the head of the Goron Group Mining Company and they are digging out the southern mine on direct orders from Bludo, the boss at Goron City.[1][2] Dorill seems to really enjoy his job and mentions that his happiness is shared with the boss, as well as Goron City.[3]

Dorill serves as a guide for Link in the area, as he will point Link in the direction Goron City up ahead. However, he warns Link of the heat and advises him to be careful not to get burned.[4][5] Dorill however, wants to work closer to the summit of Death Mountain, but he's unable to do so because of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[6]

Dorill works each day from 5am all the way until 9pm. After 9pm, he will head over fall asleep beside his son, Axyl.[7]

Tears of the Kingdom

Dorill can be found on the side of the road on the path that leads from Bedrock Bistro to Goron City. He can be seen eating Marbled Rock Roast. He encourages Link that if he wants some Marbled Rock Roast, he should travel north to Goron City.[8] Dorill is very protective of the roast that he does have, saying that it belongs to him and nobody else gets a single bite of it.[9]



  1. I'm Dorill, head of the Goron Group Mining Company! We're diggin' this site out under direct orders from the Boss of Goron City. No time to chat! Gotta dig! - Dorill
  2. Gahahaha! The more ya dig, the more ya earn! Keep on diggin'! DIG! DIG! DIG! ...Hey! You again?! - Dorill
  3. Gahahaha! My happiness is the boss's happiness! And that means it's Goron City's happiness too! Dig, dig, and then dig some more! Then sell all that sweet, sweet ore! ...Hmph! That has nothin' to do with you! - Dorill
  4. You need somethin' else?! - Dorill
  5. Goron City is where us Gorons live. Just go straight down this road to get there. But as a Hylian, ya better be careful not to get burned! - Dorill
  6. The reason Goron City is so prosperous is because of the work we do here. I actually wanna dig closer to the summit, but that lizard monster is in the way... - Dorill
  7. Clear the site! If ya need me for anything, come back tomorrow! - Dorill
  8. "This marbled rock roast is mine, mine, all mine! Nobody... gets... a single bite! If you want some of your own, head for Goron City. It's up this path." — Dorill, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "I'm tellin' ya, this marbled rock roast belongs to me!" — Dorill, Tears of the Kingdom