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Bohrin is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Bohrin is an older Goron who can be found in the Southern Mine. He works for Dorill, who runs the Goron Group Mining Company at the Southern Mine. He takes the night shift, working from 9pm to 6am each night, before then heading to bed.[1][2] While he is asleep, he has some discomfort, as he can be heard grumbling.[3][4]

Bohrin doesn't like being bothered when he wakes up and is heading to work.[5][6] Once he starts working, he doesn't mind talking to Link. He's surprised that Link is around at this hour of the day.[7] Bohrin serves as a guide for the area, telling Link about his surroundings.[8][9][10]

Bohrin mentions that the group mines here at the Southern Mine and sells the ore for profit. The group is from Goron City and use to mine closer to the Death Mountain summit. However, due to the appearance of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the group has been forced to mine further away.[11] Bohrin mentions that Goron City is up ahead, but that the path can be quite dangerous.[12] While Bohrin is up there in age, he claims that he still has a lot of fight left in him.[13]


  1. I'm so sleepy I can't reply... - Bohrin
  2. I'm goin' to sleep now. I work the night shift, so if I don't rest now, it'll be tough to get through the night. - Bohrin
  3. Hrmph... *grumble* - Bohrin
  4. *grumble* - Bohrin
  5. I'm about to start workin'... - Bohrin
  6. Alrighty. Time to get to work. - Bohrin
  7. Hmph... Who the heck... At this hour? - Bohrin
  8. Ha! Gwahaha!! I'll give it to ya straight! Wise eyes don't play tricks! - Bohrin
  9. I've gotta interrupt ya real quick! You've got good eyes on ya, little guy. Honest eyes. At my age, I've seen a lotta things. I can tell you're no run-of-the-mill Hylian just by lookin' at ya. So go ahead. Ask me anything ya want. - Bohrin
  10. Anything else you wanna ask me? - Bohrin
  11. This place here... Well, as you can see, it's a mine. We make a profit from sellin' the ore we dig up. Our home, Goron City, benefits from our hard work! We use to be able to mine closer to the summit...but that lizard monster pushed us all the way back here. - Bohrin
  12. Goron City is that way. The trip can be dangerous, so keep your eyes open on the way there! - Bohrin
  13. I'm Bohrin of Goron City. I was once young and strong... Now I'm old and wrinkled. But worry not! There's still a lot of fight left in me. - Bohrin