Goron Group Mining Company

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Goron Group Mining Company

Goron Group Mining Company is a group from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Goron Group Mining Company is led by Dorill, and they are in charge of mining ore at the Southern Mine.[1] The group was commissioned by Bludo, the boss who is in charge over at Goron City. It was his vision to set up digging sites at Death Mountain, as well as at the Southern Mine.[2]

During the daytime, Dorill can be seen mining, alongside Greyson and Jengo. While Dorill and Jengo are proud of the work they do, Greyson is not nearly as enthusiastic. He is tired of the day to day and worries that he's going to toil into obscurity if he keeps this up. He actively asks Link if he knows of other work that require his level of strength.[3][4] Bohrin is also a miner who work the night shift for the mining company. While he's not as youthful as the rest of the group, he still feels that he has a lot of fight left in him.[5]


  1. I'm Dorill, head of the Goron Group Mining Company! We're diggin' this site out under direct orders from the Boss of Goron City. No time to chat! Gotta dig! - Dorill
  2. The Boss is the most important Goron in Goron City! His name is Bludo. He's the visionary who thought to set up dig sites here and at Death Mountain so we can sell the ore we find. Thanks to the Boss, Goron City is happy and prosperous. Nowhere else can even compete! No way, no how! - Jengo
  3. I'm Greyson. I'm a digger here, as you can see. I dig and I dig... Day in and day out... To be honest, I'm sick of it. I feel like...maybe I'm not meant to toil away in obscurity like this. *sigh* If ya know of another job I can do that would make good use of my strength... lemme know, will ya? - Greyson
  4. You again. If ya know of another job I can do that would make good use of my strength... lemme know, will ya? - Greyson
  5. I'm Bohrin of Goron City. I was once young and strong... Now I'm old and wrinkled. But worry not! There's still a lot of fight left in me. - Bohrin