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Dorill (boss)
Greyson (coworker)
Bohrin (coworker)

Jengo is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Jengo is a Goron who works as a miner in the Southern Mine. He works for Dorill as part of the Goron Group Mining Company. From 5am until 9pm each and everyday, he can be seen with his large pick-axe, digging up the nearby rocks. He will occasionally move around the mine to dig up different locations. Jengo takes his work serious and doesn't like when Link interrupts him.[1][2] He tells Link to return at nighttime when he is done working.[3]

After 9pm each evening, he will head over and sit next to the Cooking Pot with his co-worker, Greyson. While he is exhausted from having worked all day, this is the only time he'll stop to speak with Link.[4][5]

Jengo is passionate about his work, thinking that if his group can dig up ore, Goron City can prosper.[6] Normally, the group would be digging closer to Death Mountain, but because of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, who is patrolling the area area the mountain, the group has to mine further away.[7] Jengo has great things to say about his boss, Bludo. He mentions that he's quite the visionary and he thought up the dig sites here and around Death Mountain.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

Jengo can still be found at the Southern Mine in Tears of the Kingdom. He is one of many Gorons who is constantly sitting around and consuming Marbled Rock Roast. When Link first arrives, Bohrin is yelling at Jengo for his laziness and not working on Mine-Cart Land.

After the Goron Regional Phenomena, Jengo can be found in the Goron Hot Springs with Axyl and Bohrin. He has already helped to build Mine-Cart Land, which has become a success.



  1. Work, work, work! - Jengo
  2. Oh, it's you again. It's not time for me to stop workin' yet, ya know... - Jengo
  3. I'm Jengo. I need to concentrate while I'm workin'. If you wanna talk, come see me when it's nighttime. - Jengo
  4. Heh... I'm exhausted. But now I've got some time to talk. So what did ya wanna ask me? - Jengo
  5. Anything else you wanna ask? - Jengo
  6. Me? I'm Jengo. I'm a proud Goron of Goron City. If we dig up ore like this, Goron City will prosper. Everyone wins! - Jengo
  7. Take a look around. This is where we dig up ore. We call it the Southern Mine. But right now, we've got that lizard monster sittin' up on Death Mountain. Normally we can pull up good ore from near the mountain peak... But for now, we have to mine here instead. You should ask the Boss for more details. He's in Goron City. - Jengo
  8. The Boss is the most important Goron in Goron City! His name is Bludo. He's the visionary who thought to set up dig sites here and at Death Mountain so we can sell the ore we find. Thanks to the Boss, Goron City is happy and prosperous. Nowhere else can even compete! No way, no how! - Jengo