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Member of



Breath of the Wild
Goron City
Gorko Tunnel (Temporarily)
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City (Initially)
YunoboCo Mineral Market (Final location)


Breath of the Wild
A Brother's Roast


Gonguron (younger brother)
Shmid (fellow vendor)

Bladon is a character that appears in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Bladon is an enthusiastic miner, but cannot work due to problems with Goron Shoulder. He worries about where his brother has got to, thinking he's chasing children's stories. When Gonguron is found, Bladon requests Link retrieve him a Rock Roast from down the hill; Bladon cooks it for Gonguron to eat, which enables him to break the bedrock and reveal the Kayra Mah Shrine.

Upon returning home, Bladon can be found cheering on Gonguron as he mines into the house. The shock of the "Secret of the Hero" has cured his Goron Shoulder, so he now worries that between them he and his brother will dig the house apart.

Tears of the Kingdom

Bladon can be found in the center of the City, near the Diamond shop and next to his brother Gonguron. He says that President Yunobo ask him to start up a new ruby shop. He doesn't want to, though, as he has Marbled Rock Roast and that's all he needs.

After resolving the Regional Phenomena of the Gorons, he sits alongside Shmid selling three Rubies for 220 Rupees per gem.