Calamity Strikes

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Calamity Strikes


Chapter 5-1


X (story)

Recommended Level

Lv. X







— In-game description

Calamity Strikes is the first scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 5.

  • Victory Condition:
  • Defeat Condition:



Calamity Strikes [text]


— In-game Gallery description

Treasure Chests

See also: Age of Calamity Treasure Chests
TODO: Confirm Royal Guard's Claymore position & ordering.
  • Amber x3 - Behind a tree to the left just past the first outpost.
  • 300 Rupees - In the library on the balcony just before exiting toward the south.
  • ?
  • Royal Guard's Spear - In a room full of deactivated Guardians in the caves behind the castle.
  • ?
  • ?
  • Topaz x5 - Use Remote Bombs to destroy a wall in a hallway past the library.
  • ?
  • Ancient Overclock Unit - After exiting the library and past the room with Bokoblins, turn right to find the chest in the hallway.

Royal Guard's Claymore - In the library, under the Northern stairs in King Rhoam's Study.


See also: Age of Calamity Koroks
  • To the left just past the first outpost.
  • After going through the secret back door, go down to the docks.
  • After going through the secret back door, go down to the docks.
  • On the upper level of the library.
  • Along one of the hallways between the library and the dining hall are several cracked walls. Use Remote Bombs to reveal the hidden room containing this Korok.
  • Examine the glowing spot just outside the large room with the White-Maned Lynel to the south.
  • In a room at the east end of the hallway by the dining hall.

Challenges & Quests Unlocked

Age of Calamity Challenges:

Age of Calamity Quests: