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Bullbos are giant, bull-like creatures found in both Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks.


Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link can hijack one of the Bullbos if he first defeats the Bulblin or Bulblin Archers that had already been riding it. They are very tough and hardheaded, literally, and can be used to smash through wooden barricades or walls that are too strong for bombs.

Spirit Tracks

Bullbo appear as an overworld enemy that roam around near the train tracks. They have a similar appearance to those that appeared in Twilight Princess. Additionally, there are bulblins that ride on top of bullbo in the overworld.

If they are on the tracks, Link can pull the lever on his train to send out a loud noise which will scare the bullbo off the tracks. Alternatively, Link can shoot two cannonballs out at the bullbo to defeat the enemies. If Link's train runs into the bullbo, the train will take damage.