Inside Hyrule Castle

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Inside Hyrule Castle
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ハイラル城内部 (Inside Hyrule Castle)
France Française Château d'Hyrule (Hyrule Castle)
Spain Español Castillo de Hyrule (Hyrule Castle)
Germany Deutsch Schloss Hyrule (Hyrule Castle)
Italy Italiana Nel Castello di Hyrule (In Hyrule Castle)

Inside Hyrule Castle is the fourth dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. This dungeon is drastically different from all others, as it does not contain a Mini-Boss, Compass, Big Key, or Heart Container. It also focuses solely on defeating enemies as a way of progressing. This dungeon is largely intertwined with the storyline, and takes place on the higher floors of Hyrule Castle.

Gaining Entrance

The upper floors of Hyrule Castle and the dungeon itself can only be accessed after collecting all three pendants and obtaining the Master Sword. After completing these objectives, Link can then use the Master Sword to break the barrier surrounding the Castle. Link will then be able to climb the stairs to the second floor and enter the now open door to the dungeon.

Dungeon Overview

The dungeon takes place inside Hyrule Castle itself, and many of the floors mimic the main part of the Cstle. The rooms contain golden brick walls with a single carpet down the middle of the floor, much like one that royalty would walk on.

Many of the rooms are very simple in design, and the doors to other rooms are always opened by defeating enemies. These floors contain relatively few enemies and types of enemies compared to other dungeons, and mostly consist of transformed Hylian Soldiers.

A few areas of the dungeon take place on small platforms outside the dungeon. These areas contain no enemies, and simply serve as a place to find hearts and Rupees along the walls.


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These are enemies Link encounters in this dungeon.


The Boss of this dungeon is Yuga. The second battle with Yuga is different and a tad more difficult than the first. In this fight Yuga will split into three version of himself and Merge onto the walls. Yuga will then pop out of the walls, allowing Link to attack one of them with the sword. If Link chooses wrong, Yuga will then transform into a simple Soldier.

If Link chooses correctly then he will damage the real Yuga. Once Yuga merges back to the wall, Link can then follow the same painting, allowing him to attack the real Yuga much more easily. This process can be repeated until Yuga is defeated.