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This article is about Sheik's weapon in Hyrule Warriors. For other uses, see Harp (Disambiguation).
This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
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Hyrule Warriors Artwork Sheik Harp.png


Used by


Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning
Hyrule Warriors Element Light.png Light (4+)

"A harp that commands magical melodies. It can be imbued with elemental affinity using Combo Attacks. Use the Strong Attack button to tap into elemental powers and cause various effects."

— In-game description

The Harp is a weapon class used by Sheik in Hyrule Warriors. It is Sheik's default and only available weapon class.

Sheik fights by playing various melodies on the harp, which can create a variety of beneficial effects.


Weapon Level Elements Strength Location
Goddess Harp - HWDE icon.png
Goddess's Harp
1 Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning 80
(+8 per ★)
Unlocked from start
Typhoon Harp - HWDE icon.png
Typhoon Harp
2 Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning 150
(+15 per ★)
The Water Temple: Capture the Temple Face Keep to reveal a Treasure Chest containing a Sealed Weapon.
Triforce Harp - HWDE icon.png
Triforce Harp
3 Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning 280
(+28 per ★)
Wii U: Adventure Map, F-15?
3DS/Switch: TBA
8-Bit Stepladder - HWDE icon.png
8-Bit Stepladder
Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning 280
(+28 per ★)
Wii U: Master Quest Map, E-13?
3DS/Switch: Cosmetic appearance when 8-Bit Weapons is turned on.
Triforce Harp - HWDE icon.png
Triforce Harp +
4 Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning 500
(+50 per ★)
Termina Map, A-13?
Shining Harp 4+ Hyrule Warriors Element Lightning.png Lightning
Hyrule Warriors Element Light.png Light
(+50 per ★)
Koholint Island Map, D-2?


Attack Explanation
Base String? Sheik performs a string of seven attacks; She slashes left with a kunai, slashes right, jumps and performs a downward kick, rolls forward while performing a spin kick, jumps and performs an X-slash with two kunai, jumps back while throwing an array of kunai in an arc, and dashes forward with a left slash.
C1? Sheik plays the selected song, which triggers a unique effect:
  • Default: Sheik creates a musical burst around her.
  • Serenade of Water: Sheik creates a water shield around herself. The shield automatically protects her from effects such as Gibdo and ReDead Knight screams, and can withstand 4 Hearts’ worth of damage before breaking. Playing the Serenade again resets the durability.
  • Bolero of Fire: Sheik creates a magic circle in front of her, which detonates after a few seconds.
  • Song of Storms: Sheik creates a wide, spinning vortex around her, which remains for a few seconds. The vortex hits enemies multiple times and deals low damage, but is very useful for clearing crowds.
  • Nocturne of Shadow: Sheik creates a shadowy vortex in front of her, which sucks in and traps nearby enemies for a brief period.
  • Prelude of Light: Sheik creates a Triforce of Wisdom symbol on the ground, which remains for a brief period. Standing inside the symbol will charge Sheik’s Special Attack gauge automatically.
C2? Sheik creates a tall whirlpool in front of her, which slowly moves forward while sucking enemies in. Selects the Serenade of Water.
C3? Sheik summons a meteor that crashes down in front of her. Selects the Bolero of Fire.
C4? Sheik floats into the air and creates a horizontal burst of electricity in front of her. Selects the Song of Storms.
C5? Sheik teleports into the air with a smoke bomb and crashes down while engulfed in darkness. Selects the Nocturne of Shadow.
C6? Sheik strikes a pose, creating a blast of sacred light around her. Selects the Prelude of Light.
Special Attack Sheik floats into the air, creating a ring of harps from energy, before strumming the harp to create a series of expanding-and-shrinking musical bursts. Enemies caught inside the ring are bounced between Sheik and the outer edge, before being launched away on the final strum.
Focus Spirit Finisher Manual: Sheik plays the Minuet of Forest, sprouting a group of trees in front of her that launch nearby enemies.
Automatic: Sheik summons a rain of kunai around her that create an enormous explosion of electricity.
Weak Point Smash Enemy Captain/Warrior: TBA
Giant Boss: TBA


  • Sheik is the only warrior with no vulnerability period during her dodge, meaning that if the player mashes B / A , they can completely avoid any attack.