Ocarina of Time Scarecrow's Song Guide

How To Get It (And Make It Work)

Past - Making The Song
First of all, head to the small fences on the right side of the area where the ground is all cultivated and looks ready to be planted. There's two scarecrow's here, Pierre (top) and Bonooru (bottom). Speak with the lower one and he'll tell you that he never forgets a tune. Put him to the test by whipping out your Ocarina.

Future - Activating It
Later, return to Lake Hylia and play the song for Bonooru, which will make it so you can now use the song to summon Pierre at certain locations.
Bonooru (Past):
Whoa! You have an ocarina!
Hey, why don't you lay a tune
on me with it, baby?!

Well...not bad!
I will remember it for you
I don't mean I can remember only
eight notes, but let's just cut it
right there for now, baby!

Bonooru (Future):
That's it, that's the tune!!
You rock!! I'm blown away!
Oh, no, no! I didn't forget the
song...I never forget anything!
But I just feel like rewarding
you, baby!
I have a good idea!
My buddy Pierre is wandering
around, so play that tune when
you want to call him!
I'll tell him to help you if he's
nearby and hears that song, baby!

Bonooru (bottom left) and Pierre (top right).
How It's Used
There are several spots in the game where Navi flies over to an area and turns green. 13 of these locations (listed below) allow you to summon Pierre with the Scarecrow's Song to use your Hookshot/Longshot on him to reach secret hidden areas.

Scarecrow Locations

Sacred Forest Meadow

This one allows you to skip the maze full of Moblins.

Forest Temple

Once you make it to the room with the falling ceiling, you can take a side hallway up to this upper ledge where you can summon Pierre. It's just a shortcut to get back quickly and gives you the opportunity to snag Gold Skulltula #51 if you didn't earlier.

Dodongo's Cavern

In that room with all the Baby Dodongos is an upper ledge you couldn't get to before. Now you can get Gold Skulltula #55.

Death Mountain Crater

There's actually two Scarecrows next to each other near the lava. They just help you get Rupees, pfft!

Fire Temple

An upper ledge in the boulder maze room. Allows you to get Gold Skulltula #62.

Zora's Fountain

In Ocarina of Time 3D and possibly the N64 version, you can walk south along the ridge of the rock and towards the back wall with the high alcove. There you will find an invisible red rupee.

Lake Hylia 1

An alternative to planting the Magic Bean next to the Lakeside Laboratory. This one helps you get Heart Piece #27.

Lake Hylia 2

Allows you to get into the Fishing Pond before beating the Water Temple.

Lake Hylia 3

Allows you to get the Fire Arrows before beating the Water Temple.

Shadow Temple 1

Allows you to get Gold Skulltula #85 before you ride the boat.

Shadow Temple 2

Allows you to get some hearts before tackling the boss.

Gerudo Fortress

Until you get the Longshot, this is the only way to get Heart Piece #34.

Spirit Temple

When facing the giant colossus in the Spirit Temple, there's Gold Skulltula #99 on the high platform on the left side. This scarecrow helps you get to it.