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Music is one of the most important aspects of the Legend of Zelda series. Music, or musical instruments, are common items in the series that make constant appearances. Music serves many functions in the series, such as puzzle solving, transportation, sacred acts, and even restoration.

Role Played in the Series

Music plays several roles in the series. Below are some of the most common and most used roles in the series.

Music as Transportation

Music serves as a means for transportation in many of the Zelda games. Some of the most well known songs that Link can play on his musical instruments are those that can transport him instantly to areas that he's either previously been, or has never been to before.

The Ocarina of Time

The most well known transportation songs come from the Ocarina of Time itself. The Ocarina of Time has 6 songs that allow Link to transport to other locations in Ocarina of Time. Those songs are Prelude of Light, Minuet of Forest, Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Requiem of Spirit, and Nocturne of Shadow. Each of these songs allows Link to transport to a prescribed location near the temple that each song corresponds to.

The Ocarina of Time also has one other song that Link can use to transport to other locations in Majora's Mask. That song is the Song of Soaring. The Song of Soaring allows Link to transport to any Owl Statue that he has previously visited and struck with his sword, allowing for quick transportation across Termina. There are usually 2 Owl Statues in each region of Termina.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Link uses the Wind Waker as a baton of sorts to use different patterns to affect his environment. In particular, Link learns a pattern that allows him to transport to several different locations in the Great Sea. That pattern is known as the Ballad of Gales. The Ballad of Gales creates a whirlwind around Link and the King of Red Lions which then allows them to be taken to several prescribed locations on The Great Sea instantly.

Other Transportation Instruments

There are several other instruments in the Legend of Zelda series that are used for transportation. The Legend of Zelda has the Recorder as its instrument of travel, allowing Link to travel instantly to any of the previously cleared dungeons in the game. A Link to the Past has the Flute (which looks very similar to the Ocarina of Time, but not quite) which allows travel to any of several prescribed locations in the Light World. The Minish Cap has the Ocarina of Wind which calls Zeffa, a bird, to carry Link to any uncovered Wind Crest.

Music as a Healing Force

Throughout the Legend of Zelda series, Link often uses music to restore power to objects or heal others.

Majora's Mask

The most prominent example of Link using music to heal others is in Majora's Mask. The Song of Healing uses this more than most any other healing device. Throughout the game, Link comes across many distressed characters that are either hurt, troubled, possessed. By using the Song of Healing, Link is able to calm the worries of these characters by "healing" their souls and minds. When Link does this, the problems that these characters have are often transformed into Masks that he can then use to solve puzzles or progress throughout the rest of the game.

The Wind Waker

Music can also be used to restore power to objects and items. A good example of this is in The Wind Waker. Link, along with Medli and Makar, have to restore the Power to Repel Evil to the Master Sword by Link conducting the two Sages as they play on their instruments in the Earth and Wind temples, respectively. After this ceremony, power is then restored to the Master Sword.

Spirit Tracks

Spirit Tracks is another game where music is required to restore things. This time, music is used to restore Spirit Tracks through the Lokomo Songs that Link performs with the Lokomos while playing on the Spirit Flute. This not only allows access to new areas in the overworld, but also helps in sealing the Demon King Malladus through the rails and the temples that Link now has access to.

Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword uses the Goddess's Harp as a musical instrument. Playing the harp allows Link to activate Goddess Walls and Gossip Stones in areas where there are Blessed Butterflies, giving Link advice, some extra treasure, and possibly healing him.

Musical Instruments