Spirit Island

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Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a location from Phantom Hourglass. It was once visited by the servant spirits, who sought after the power to defeat evil.[1]


Spirit Island is located in the southwestern corner of the Southwestern Sea. The island is not originally charted on the Southwestern Sea Chart. It can be found in the middle of three boulders, jutting out of the water.[2]


Spirit Island is a loose collection of islets, the largest of which features the Shrine at Spirit Island.


The port is located on a small islet south of the main islet, to which it is connected by a short, wooden bridge. A Postbox can be found next to the bridge.

Main Islet

The main islet of Spirit Island features a field of grass and a treasure chest, containing a Courage Gem, as well as the entrance to the shrine of the island.


Main article: Shrine at Spirit Island

A shrine which houses the servant of the goddess of spirits.[3] It acts as the locale where Link can restore the power of the spirits that guide him.

Eastern Islets

Accessible from the main islet via the Grappling Hook, the eastern portion of Spirit Island consists of several small islets filled with Octoroks, Like Likes, and Rupee Likes. On the tallest islet sits a treasure chest containing a Power Gem.



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