Lost Hills

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Lost Hills

The Lost Hills is a location from The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda

The Lost Hills at first appears like a normal screen, with a pathway out of it in each compass direction, and the common snail-like rocks everywhere. However, Link will notice the uniqueness of this screen if he attempts to head any direction other than left. If so, he will end up back into the Lost Hills. For most of the beginning portion of the game, this area can simply be avoided by Link, as it has nothing to offer him. However, once he completes the fourth dungeon, The Snake, he must get through the Lost Hills to find the fifth dungeon, The Lizard. He gets a clue from the Old Woman, who resides inside the waterfall in the northern area of Hyrule, but only if he pays her. She will say, "GO UP, UP, THE MOUNTAIN AHEAD."[1] Link can use this information and head north from the Lost Hills four consecutive times, which will lead Link right to the fifth dungeon.

In the Second Quest, Link no longer needs to make his way up the Lost Hills, as Level 5 has been replaced with another Fairy Fountain. Instead, he has to use the Power Bracelet to push the rightmost rock, revealing the hidden entrance to Level 4.


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