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Link fighting Margomill





Margomill is the boss of the House of Gales in A Link Between Worlds. It is a multi-layered pillar, with an eye at the top of the it, which is of course its weak spot. This creature is the guardian of the Pendant of Wisdom.

Boss Strategy

In order to defeat the boss, Link must use the Tornado Rod to propel himself upward and slash at its eye. After doing this successfully, the boss adds more layers to its body, high enough that Link cannot get to the top with his Tornado Rod. However, Link can slash with his Sword to destroy layers of its body and repeat the process with the Tornado Rod.


Upon defeating the boss, Link receives a Heart Container and the Pendant of Wisdom.


This section contains non-canon fan theory and speculation.
  • Margomill is similar to Margoma from Tri Force Heroes both physically and as a boss. This could hint that a 'Margoma' or 'Margomill' is a race that happens to be a boss; and Margoma could be a female or male variation of Margomill.