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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
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White Sorceress




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Japan 日本語 ラナ (Lana)

Lana is an original character introduced in Hyrule Warriors. Known as the "White Sorceress"[1], she takes her task of stopping the Black Sorceress Cia very seriously.[1][2]

In battle, Lana is proficient with magic, casting lightning spells and erecting barriers.



While on their quest to locate Zelda, Link, Sheik, and Impa stop at Faron Woods to help a village that is being overrun by monsters. There they encounter Lana, who is the leader of the group fighting off the enemies.[3][4] She explains that she is a sorceress from the same magical clan as Cia.[5][6] When Impa asks Lana what Cia wants from Hyrule, Lana merely replies that she might tell them if they help her defend the forest.[7][8] After successfully driving off the monsters, the three heroes join forces with Lana to defeat Cia.[9]

Upon traveling to the Valley of Seers, Cia steals the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Wisdom from Link and Sheik respectively, reforming the entire Triforce. She uses its power to open portals to three eras in Hyrule's history.[10] Lana explains that a Gate of Souls opened in each era, allowing the monsters to enter, so the group decides to split up in order to work on closing all three gates simultaneously.[11]

Twilight Era

Lana heads to the Twilight Era, where the Twilight has covered Hyrule completely.[12] She is unable to determine who is responsible for the attack, even with her sorcery.[13] However, when Lana arrives at a village being attacked by monsters, she stops to help them, momentarily pausing in her quest to close the Gate of Souls.[14] There she rescues Agitha.[15] Although she has never seen the Gate of Souls, Agitha assures Lana that her Goddess Butterfly can lead them through the Twilight Realm to where they need to go.[16][17][18] Unfortunately, as they follow the Butterfly through the realm, it is eventually captured by Midna, who believes it is poisonous.[19][20][21] When Agitha explains that it is actually a butterfly that can guide one anywhere, Midna orders it to lead her to Cia, leaving Agitha and Lana behind to fight with her forces.[22][23][24][25] After tracking down Midna defeating her, Midna realizes that Lana and Agitha are not working with Cia and teams up with them to get her own personal revenge.[26][27][28][29]

The trio follows the Goddess Butterfly to the Palace of Twilight, where they come across Zant.[30] With Midna's help, Lana finally defeats Zant and closes the Gate of Souls.[31][32]


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Immediately after closing the gate, Cia appears in the Palace of Twilight.[33][34] Midna angrily accuses Cia of trapping her in her impish form, to which Cia snidely comments suits her.[35][36] In her rage, Midna attacks Cia, knocking off the sorceress's mask. Midna is shocked to see that the face beneath looks just like Lana's. Lana finally reveals that she and Cia were once the same person.[37][38]

Later, Lana and Midna reunite with Link, Zelda, and Impa once all of the Gates of Souls are closed. Lana finally explains to the group that she is the light that was forced out of Cia when the darkness overtook her.[39][40][41][42][43]

Soon, Link and Zelda's Triforces return to them, though they are unsure how. Lana insists that with Cia weakened by the lack of the full Triforce, it would be an excellent chance to attack.[44] However, the group first decides to head to the Temple of the Sacred Sword in hopes that Link can claim the Master Sword, a weapon powerful enough to fight the Black Sorceress.[45] Their mission is successful, and with the Master Sword in hand, they head to confront Cia at the Temple of Souls. However, Link becomes overconfident, and Cia almost defeats him. Only Lana and his other allies' intervention saves his life.[46] The group of warriors follow Cia to the Valley of Seers to finish the battle once and for all.[47] Determined to win, Cia unnaturally boosts her army's strength using dark magic, despite the cost to her own soul.[48] Lana begs her to stop, knowing that her spirit cannot take it, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.[49]

Finally, the warriors defeat Cia, and Lana rushes to her side. Weakened, Cia asks Lana how she continues on, even knowing that Link will not choose her in the end.[50] Lana responds that she is able to live with the knowledge that she will not always get the person she believes she deserves.[51] Cia admits that Lana was always her better half, and then vanishes.[52] Lana takes the Triforce of Power that Cia left behind.

Finally, Lana creates three portals for their allies to return to their original eras.[53] Using their three combined pieces of the Triforce, Lana, Link, and Zelda return Hyrule back to normal, restoring peace to the kingdom.[54] However, shortly after, Lana steps away, announcing that she has to leave.[55] Zelda asks if they will meet again, but Lana only responds with a short "good-bye" and then leaves.[56][57]. It is now believed that lana the good half of the sorceress will still go on without her opposite in the future.


Lana can use one of three weapons: the Book of Sorcery (Spirits Tome-Acquired: Starting Weapon, Sealing Tome-Acquired: Sealed weapon in Scenario 6 "The Shadow King" in the Lower Level Keep, Sorceress Tome-Acquired:Scenario A-11 (Adventure Mode) A-Rank with Lana), the Spear (Deku Spear-Acquired: Sealed Weapon In scenario 4 "The Sorceress of the Valley" West Keep, Kokiri Spear-Acquired:Scenario F-7 in Adventure mode A-Rank level with Lana(You must first use an an Item Card to locate it, Faron Spear-Acquired: Scenario H-12 in Adventure Mode using Lana and getting A-Rank (You must first use an item card to locate it), and the Summoning Gate (Gate of Time-Acquired: Scenario C-16 in Adventure Mode using Lana and getting A-Rank (You must first use an item card to locate it), Guardian's Gate-Acquired: Scenario B-4 in Adventure Mode using Lana and getting A-Rank (You must first use an item card to locate it), Gate of Souls-Acquired:Scenario A-16 in Adventure Mode using Lana and getting A-Rank (You must first use an item card to locate it).



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