Goddess Butterfly

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Goddess Butterfly
HW Twilight Princess-1 - Land of Twilight.jpg
Midna with a Goddess Butterfly



The Goddess Butterfly is a bug found in Hyrule Warriors. It serves a role in both Legend Mode and Adventure Mode.


Legend Mode

The Goddess Butterfly appears on Twilight Field. When Lana explains that she is looking for the Gate of Souls, Agitha offers her Goddess Butterfly as a way to help.[1][2][3] According to her, the butterfly can lead a person anywhere they want to go.[3] However, shortly after they begin following it, Midna captures it because she believes it is poisonous.[4][5] Agitha tells her its actual purpose.[6] Midna, sensing its usefulness, frees the butterfly and orders it to take her to Cia.[7]

Lana and Agitha chase after Midna in order to retrieve it and continue their quest to close the gate. After Lana defeats her, Midna returns the butterfly and realizes that they both are trying to defeat Cia.[8][9] Now working as a team, the three of them follow the Goddess Butterfly to the Palace of Twilight.[10]

Adventure Mode

Goddess Butterflies appear in small clusters on the Adventure Mode map. Like Blessed Butterflies in Skyward Sword, they indicate that secrets are hidden in that sector that can be revealed when the Goddess's Harp's Item Card is used on them. A Gossip Stone appears in their place after using the card.[11]


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