Goddess Pearls

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The Goddess Pearls are high importance quest items within The Wind Waker. There are three in total that Link must obtain on his quest; Din's Pearl, Farore's Pearl and Nayru's Pearl. Each of the Pearls resemble the specific symbol of their respective Goddess. Link needs to obtain all three of the Pearls and take them to the Triangle Islands in order to uncover the Tower of the Gods.

Din's Pearl

Main article: Din's Pearl
Din's Pearl.png

This is the first Pearl that Link must obtain on his journey to uncover the Tower of the Gods. Link originally thinks that Valoo has the sacred power, but it becomes clear that the Pearl is within Prince Komali's possession. Komali wants the ability to fly off Valoo, but is unable to visit the guardian deity because of the strange activity within Dragon Roost Cavern. Link manages to traverse the lava ridden cavern and defeat Gohma, thus restoring peace to Valoo. As a thank you, Prince Komali gifts Link with the Pearl.

Farore's Pearl

Main article: Farore's Pearl
Farore's Pearl.png

After obtaining Din's Pearl, the King of Red Lions suggests that Link traverses his way through the Great Sea and on to the Forest Haven to see the Great Deku Tree. The ancient tree reveals that the Pearl is within his possession; however, he won't hand it over until the Koroks complete their annual ceremony. Link must navigate his way through the Forbidden Woods, where he rescues the missing Korok, Makar. With the ceremony now in progress, the Great Deku Tree gifts Link with the second Goddess Pearl.

Nayru's Pearl

Main article: Nayru's Pearl
Nayru's Pearl.png

The third and final Pearl that Link must find is located within his home Island of Outset. However, before finding out the initial location, the King of Red Lions tells Link to travel to Greatfish Isle to meet the spirit Jabun. The Island is currently in ruins and Link encounters Quill, who tells him that Jabun fled to Outset Island. After uncovering the entrance to his hideout, Jabun gifts the young hero with the final Pearl, thus allowing him to unveil the Tower of the Gods.