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Tingle Statues are golden statues formed into the shape of Tingle that are found hidden in five of the main dungeons of the games The Wind Waker and The Wind Waker HD. These items are optional and are not required to beat the game.

Statue Locations

The way Tingle Statues are found slightly differs between the two games, but in both they are essential to revealing locations of where 100 Rupees reappear constantly. In addition to this, Link is paid 50 Rupees for each one that is found and 500 Rupees if the entire set has been recovered.

In The Wind Waker HD, the Tingle Statues must be obtained in order to find Knuckle, one of Tingle's younger brothers. This requirement is not in the original version. In that version he can be found with the Tingle Tuner on Outset Island.

In the Nintendo GameCube version of The Wind Waker, the chests containing the statues are found with the Tingle Tuner. In order to make them visible, Link must pay Tingle to use a Tingle Bomb on the location where the chest is located. In the Wii U version, this is changed to make it that a regular bomb will reveal the chest instead. The locations of the chests remain the same in both versions.

Statue Picture Name Stance Location Treasure Clue
Tingle Statue 01 Dragon (TWW).png Dragon Tingle Statue Courage Stance
Dragon Roost Cavern (located in an empty hole in the wall when on the way to get the Big Key)
Outset Island
Tingle Statue 02 Forbidden (TWW).png Forbidden Tingle Statue Delight Pose
Forbidden Woods (found in the room where Link gets Treasure Chart #15; it is found to the right of the door on a lower grassy area)
Similar Place
Tingle Statue 03 Goddess (TWW).png Goddess Tingle Statue Playful Pose
Tower of the Gods (in the room where the moving platforms are going up, there is one platform that sits stationary; the statue is found on that platform)
Hidden Pot
Tingle Statue 04 Earth (TWW).png Earth Tingle Statue Winning Pose
Earth Temple (in the room where the two floating Blue Bubbles and wooden bridge are located, use the Deku Leaf to float over to the hanging platforms; in the little room found next to the last platform, the chest containing the statue is found in the middle)
Leaf Flight
Tingle Statue 05 Wind (TWW).png Wind Tingle Statue Kooloo Pose
Wind Temple (in the room where Makar must plant seeds to open a nearby gated door, have Link jump down to the ground located in between the higher grassy platforms and there the hidden chest is located between the two lower portions of the grassy platforms)
Western Edge