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Ice is an object and game mechanic present in many games of The Legend of Zelda series.

It has three main uses:

  1. To make a surface slippery (areas with this attribute are sometimes colloquially referred to as having "ice physics").
  2. As a weapon to be used either by Link or by enemies, freezing objects and characters.
  3. As an object to either be preserved or melted.

A Link to the Past

See also: Ice Rod, Ice Palace, and Kholdstare

Ocarina of Time

See also: Ice Cavern (Ocarina of Time), Ice Arrow, Red Ice, and Zora's Domain

Majora's Mask

See also: Ice Arrow, Snowhead, and Snowhead Temple

Oracle of Seasons

See also: Winter

Oracle of Ages

See also: Snowshoe Ring

Four Swords

See also: Ice Wizzrobe

The Wind Waker

See also: Fire & Ice Arrows and Ice Ring Isle

Four Swords Adventures

See also: Frozen Hyrule, Frosteye, and Frostare

The Minish Cap

See also: Ice Wizzrobe and Big Octorok

Twilight Princess

See also: Snowpeak, Snowpeak Ruins, Chilfos, Freezard, Ice Bubble, Ice Keese, Mini-Freezard, and Blizzeta

Phantom Hourglass

See also: Isle of Frost, Temple of Ice, Ice Bubble, and Ice Keese

Spirit Tracks

See also: Mega Ice, Snow Realm, Snow Temple, Ice ChuChu, Ice Keese, Freezard, and Fraaz

A Link Between Worlds

See also: Ice Rod, Nice Ice Rod, Ice Ruins, Ice Bubble, Freezor, and Dharkstare

Breath of the Wild

See also: Cryonis, Snowquill Set, Northern Icehouse, Ice Wizzrobe, Ice Rod, Blizzrobe, Blizzard Rod, Frost Talus, Frostblade, and Great Frostblade