Sand of Hours

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Sand of Hours



Inside the Phantom Hourglass
Various Locations


Survive in the Temple of the Ocean King

Sand of Hours are what's used inside the Phantom Hourglass in the game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The sand is like no other, it protects the holder from their Life Force being sucked away. This is a crucial necessity when entering the Temple of the Ocean King. According to Oshus, he utilized and created the Sand of Hours, stored it in the Phantom Hourglass, and ventured into the temple for further investigation. The Sand of Hours is in a crystalized form of the Life Force, of which is consumed by the evil Bellum.


Technically, the Sand of Hours depletes by minutes, not by hours. The Phantom Hourglass can only hold a maximum of 25 minutes of Sand of Hours from its initial start of 10 minutes of Sand of Hours. That being said, time is very precious when roaming around the large Temple. Time will not deplete once Link enters a Safe Zone, instead time will freeze. If Link is hit by a Phantom, he will lose a total of 30 seconds of Sand of Hours. If Link comes in contact with a Wizzrobe, the enemy will steal 15 seconds of Sand of Hours from the hero.

Acquiring all the Sand of Hours