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Safe Zones are special areas in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. They are small areas covered in glowing purple tiles that evil cannot reach.[1] Phantoms cannot see, attack, or follow anyone standing in the Safe Zones.[2][3] Red jars can also be used to create small Safe Zone circles. Although they still make Link invisible to Phantoms, the enemies can walk through them. These created Safe Zones reset when Link changes floors.[4]

Phantom Hourglass

Safe Zones appear in the Temple of the Ocean King and Ghost Ship in Phantom Hourglass. In the Temple of the Ocean King, not only does it protect Link from the Phantoms, but it also prevents the life draining effects of the temple and stops the sand in the Phantom Hourglass while he is standing in them.[5] There is also a fake safe zone in the temple on B8 that can be identified by it not having the floor animation that other Safe Zones have. On the Ghost Ship, Safe Zones protect Link from Reaplings instead of Phantoms, but otherwise function in the same way.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Safe Zones can be found in both the Tower of Spirits and the Lost at Sea Station. When Zelda possesses a Phantom, she is capable of walking over these spaces, even though regular Phantoms cannot cross natural Safe Zones.


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