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Steward Constructs are characters that appear in Tears of the Kingdom and are one of the construct variants.

Tears of the Kingdom

Steward Constructs are the most basic form of construct. They are non-hostile, and generally give advice, run a Mini-Game or operate a Crystal Refinery. Most other types of non-hostile construct including Ranger Constructs, Forge Constructs, Mining Constructs, Smithing Constructs and Caretaker Constructs share the same body form.

The first Steward Construct that Link encounters is in the Garden of Time on Great Sky Island, and holds the Purah Pad for Link on Zelda's orders. It directs him to the Temple of Time, where it last encountered Zelda. More Steward Constructs can be found throughout Great Sky Island, who teach him various basic facts, such as the hostility of Soldier Constructs, how to perform combat, and how to cook or roast food. After Link completes In-isa Shrine, a Steward Construct will intercept him as he leaves to give him the Energy Cell.

Rauru's ghost observes while watching Steward Constructs that the constructs on Great Sky Island are continuing to follow their last orders, even though those who gave the orders are long gone, and there is no longer any point to their labor. As he puts it, this disquiets him.

Steward Constructs man both the Crystal Refineries, on Great Sky Island near Nachoyah Shrine, and down on the surface upon a large piece of Sky Debris, just north of Lookout Landing.

When Link returns to Great Sky Island much later in his quest, a beacon is on top of the Temple of Time. A Steward Construct is there to test him, to see if he is worthy of learning the Legend of the Great Sky Island by lighting three bonfires around the island without touching the ground.

Other Steward Constructs can be found in the Abandoned Mines in the Depths, under the major surface settlements. They can be activated with Link's Zonai Right Arm, and either give Link hints as to how to reach where Master Kohga is going next after each defeat or give him a Schema Stone. Any Yiga Clan members in the mines must be defeated before they can be activated. Another one of this type with a Schema Stone is in the stripped-out Shrine of Resurrection, carried there by Yiga Clan members.