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* Improved Heart Recovery
* Improved Heart Recovery
{{Listbox|Age of Calamity Improve All Allies Quests}}
{{Listbox|Age of Calamity Quests|hide=hide}}
{{Listbox|Age of Calamity Quests|hide=hide}}
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{{Cat|Age of Calamity Improve All Allies Quests}}

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Roast and Relaxation






Improved Heart Recovery

Roast and Relaxation is a Quest to Improve All Allies found in Age of Calamity.


The quest is unlocked after completing The Great Plateau scenario. Completing this quest will unlock the Off to the Hot Springs quest.

"You hear that the Goron Hot Springs at marker #7 of Death Mountain will soon be open to the public. To make sure tourists can reach the spot safely, give them something to keep cool."

— Quest text

"The Goron Hot Springs were an instant sensation! Folks came from far and wide to relax and rejuvenate. They memory of all those happy, smiling faces fills your heart with warmth."

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • Improved Heart Recovery