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The Goron Shop is a recurring shop in The Legend of Zelda series. As its name suggests, it is a shop that is owned and operated by a Goron.


Ocarina of Time

Main article: Goron Shop (Ocarina of Time)

The Goron Shop in Ocarina of Time is located in Goron City and can be found in the lower section beside the Goron Vase. The entrance is blocked by a stone wall, with two Bomb Flowers growing out of the side walls next to it. Link has to break the stone wall with a Bomb, or use a Deku Stick with fire to release the Bombs attached to the wall. The Goron Tunic can be bought in the shop for 200 Rupees, but young Link isn't allowed to purchase it because it is too big for him.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Recovery Heart 10
Red Potion 40
Bombs (5) 25
Bombs (10) 50
Bombs (20) 80
Bombs (40) 120
Goron Tunic 300

Majora's Mask

The Goron Shop in Majora's Mask is located at the lowest level of the Goron Shrine in the Goron Village. Its keeper appears similar in aesthetic and demeanor to his Ocarina of Time counterpart. During the winter, goods are priced higher. In order to reduce prices, Link must defeat Goht which ends the perpetual winter and allows for the transition to spring.

Item Name Cost (Winter) (Rupees) Cost (Spring) (Rupees)
File:Red Potion.png
Red Potion 80 50
Bombs (10) 40 20
File:ArrowsG Large.png
Arrows(10) 40 10

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, there are three shops operated by Gorons that can be found throughout the land.

Hot Spring Shop

Main article: Hot Spring Shop

The first Goron operated shop is called the Hot Spring Shop. This shop can be found near the summit of Death Mountain, beside the Death Mountain Hot Spring. This shop's products and wares can be seen in the table below.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
10 Arrows 10
Lantern Oil 20
File:Wooden Shield(TP).png
Wooden Shield 50
Milk 20

Kakariko Night Shop

Main article: Kakariko Night Shop

The second Goron operated shop is called the Kakariko Night Shop. The owner of this shop is actually a child Goron, marking the first time ever a Goron Shop has been operated by a child Goron. This shop is only open during the night, making for an interesting game mechanic. During the day, the owner of this shop can be found resting in the Kakariko Hot Spring. This shop's products and wares are shown below.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Blue Potion 100
File:Red Potion(TP).png
Red Potion 30
Lantern Oil 50

Hot Springwater Shop

Main article: Hot Springwater Shop

The third and final shop that is owned and operated by a Goron is called the Hot Springwater Shop. This shop can be found in the Castle Town South Road region of Castle Town. It sells one item; Hot Spring Water. The price is 20 Rupees per bottle. The owner of this shop is actually known as Gor Liggs' Son. This shop only opens after two things have been completed by Link. Firstly, he must first pay Gor Ebizo, the Goron found inside Malo Mart, 1000 Rupees, and lastly he must then travel to the West Castle Town Bridge, and dump the barrel of Hot Springwater on to the Goron found there. This barrel can be found by talking to Gor Liggs. From this point on, Link can purchase Hot Springwater from the shop.