Forest of Time (Oracle of Ages)

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Forest of Time

The Forest of Time is a tall region in the Present of Oracle of Ages.


The Forest of Time is located near the center portion of the Labrynna in the Present, just east of Lynna City, South Lynna, and the Maku Tree. Link will pass through the Forest of Time when he travels eastward to the Yoll Graveyard and northward to the Rolling Ridge Base. To the south, the Forest of Time borders the South Shore and Crescent Strait.


The Forest of Time is the location where Link first starts his journey. After landing in Labrynna, he can travel one screen north where he will find Impa surrounded by a couple of Octoroks. After scaring them off, Impa and Link will travel northward where they will eventually meet Ralph and Nayru. It is here where Veran will make her first appearance and take possession of Nayru. Veran will then escape to the Past through the Time Portal at the northwest corner of the Forest of Time.

Later in the game when Link is trying to assemble the Raft he will return to the Forest of Time where he will encounter Ricky. Ricky has lost his Boxing Gloves and Link will find them at the South Shore. After returning them to Ricky, Link will be able to ride within Ricky's pouch as he traverses through the Overworld.

When riding within Ricky's pouch, Link can travel to the southwest corner of the Forest of Time. It is here where Link will encounter Tingle. Using Ricky, Link can scale the rocky terrain and reach Tingle. Using a combination of the Roc's Feather and Sword, Link can cut down Tingle's Balloon and speak to him. Tingle will eventually give Link the Island Chart, an item required to set sail on the Sea.


Outside of Nayru's House

Nayru's House is one of the main attractions, located at the northeast corner of the Forest. After the initial cut-scene, this is where Impa can be found for the duration of the game. In the lead-up to the second dungeon of the game, the Wing Dungeon, Link will travel to Nayru's House. It here that Link will discover the secret basement that houses the Harp of Ages. Upon acquiring the Harp, Link will also learn the first tune, the Tune of Echoes.[1]


The Forest of Time can only be found in the Present. In the Past, the area that becomes the Forest of Time is segmented into several old areas as well as expansions of neighboring areas. Northeast Lynna, the Coast of No Return, and the Sea of No Return make up a bulk of the land that is the Forest of Time. To the south and west, there is a shift in terrain for the Crescent Strait, South Shore, and Lynna Village.

Other Appearances

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Forest of Time (Breath of the Wild)

Forest of Time is a location in Breath of the Wild.


  1. "I am Nayru, Oracle of Ages. You are holding an instrument called the Harp of Ages. I do not know you, but it is not by mere chance that you now hold that harp. You are a hero chosen by the currents of time. Your arrival means I am not in this age any longer. I hid the harp here, knowing this could happen. I entrust the harp to you! By playing certain tunes on the Harp of Ages, you can travel through time! Let me teach you the Tune of Echoes!" — Nayru, Oracle of Ages.