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Layout 20.0

Release Date

October 2nd, 2011



Caleb Simpson


Atomic Gamer

Launched on October 2nd, 2011, just over a month prior to the release of Skyward Sword. The layout itself shared a very similar color scheme as the previous layout and in many cases, it was more of an improvement over the prior theme, than a full new theme. The game menu at the top of the website adding links to Zelda 3DS and Zelda Wii U, which were still in their infancy at the time and wouldn't come to fruition until A Link Between Worlds released two years later and Breath of the Wild released 5 1/2 years later.

During this period of time, the Zelda Dungeon Wiki went public and became a focal point of the website. Prior to the launching of the Zelda Dungeon Wiki, Zelda Dungeon had a partnership with ZeldaWiki.org, which had become one of the two well established online Wikis for Zelda. After years of working alongside ZeldaWiki.org, Zelda Dungeon left the project over disputes about the websites finances. Older static pages at Zelda Dungeon were now being migrated over to the Wiki and for the first time the general public was now able to contribute to Zelda Dungeon on a regular basis.

When Skyward Sword launched in November of 2011, a completed text walkthrough was available on day one, with images soon following. With a full guide and with the walkthrough being promoted weeks in advance, viewership reached new heights. On November 27th, the website recorded 98,211 unique visitors and 484,929 page views, both crushing the previous records. These numbers were shortly after Christmas, with December 28th record 119,849 unique visitors and 548,915 page views

The next revision of the site design would not come until December of 2014. With this theme being active for over 38-months, it was the longest running theme in website history.

Traffic Levels

  • In November of 2011, in the weeks leading up to the release of SKyward Sword, Zelda Dungeon repeatedly broke new viewership records, with the peak day being just after the release of Skyward Sword. On

On November 27th, the website recorded 98,211 unique visitors and 484,929 page views.

  • On December 28th, the website peaked with 119,849 unique visitors and 548,915 page views. A record that would last for more than three years.
  • For several months into 2012, the website retained very high viewership, with most traffic relating to the Skyward Sword Walkthrough and subsequent guides. After April of 2012 and for the duration of the layout, site traffic stabilized at new heights, regularly garnering between 30,000 and 50,000 unique viewers and between 100,000 and 200,00 page views.