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In Ocarina of Time, there are four Bottles that Link can acquire. Only one of which is actually required in order to complete the quest. Below is a listing of all four bottle locations, as well as a listing of all the goodies that you can store inside of them.

Bottle Locations

Bottle #1 - Cucco Lady

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When Link arrives at Kakariko Village, he can speak with the Cucco Lady, located near the entrance to the Kakariko Village Graveyard. Her Cuccos have flown away and she asks you to return them to the pen. There are seven Cuccos in total and if you return them all, the Cucco Lady will reward you with an Empty Bottle. View the Ocarina of Time Cucco Locations for a detailed guide.

Bottle #2 - Super Cuccos

Main article: Super Cucco Game

After Link wakes up Talon outside of Hyrule Castle, he will return to Lon Lon Ranch. When you arrive at Lon Lon Ranch, enter the first building on the left to find Talon. For 10 Rupees, you can play the Super Cucco Game. Talon will release three Super Cuccos and you have 30 seconds to find them. They get mixed in with the other identical-looking Cuccos. You can pick them up one by one, and Talon will indicate if the one you grabbed is a Super Cucco.

One trick is before you speak with Talon, grab all of the Cuccos and toss them behind the table as they will likely stay there while you play the mini-game. This way when Talon releases the Super Cuccos, you'll immediately know which ones are correct. If you are able to find the three Super Cuccos within 30 seconds, you will be given a Bottle that is filled with Lon Lon Milk. After drinking the Milk, you are able to keep the bottle.

Bottle #3 - Ruto's Letter

This is the one bottle in the game that is required to get as it is part of the main storyline. After arriving at Zora's Domain, you will meet up with King Zora. Just to the left of his throne room, you will find a Zora who runs the Diving Game. If you successfully grab all the rupees within the allocated amount of time, you will win the game. Return to the Zora to acquire the Silver Scale.

Using the Silver Scale, you can swim deep underneath the water at Zora's Domain, where there is a tunnel that connects with Lake Hylia. Once you arrive at Lake Hylia, you will notice a bottle nearby. Swim all the way down to retrieve the bottle, which has Ruto's Letter inside.

Return to King Zora and show him Ruto's Letter. This will cause him to move aside, allowing you to access Zora's Fountain. More importantly, Link will now be able to keep the Empty Bottle.

Bottle #4 - Big Poes

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After Acquiring Epona and acquiring the Bow from the Forest Temple, you can complete another side quest to earn an Empty Bottle. While riding around on Epona in Hyrule Field, you will encounter 10 Big Poes. You must shoot each Big Poe twice with an arrow to defeat them. You can then store them in a bottle.

Bring the Big Poes to the Poe Collector, located at the Ghost Shop, which is the first building when you enter the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town. When you bring him Big Poes, he will reward you with some rupees. Once you have brought him all 10 Big Poes, he will reward you with an Empty Bottle. View the Ocarina of Time Big Poe Guide for a detailed listing of all 10 Big Poe locations.

Bottled Items