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Bottle Items


Bottle #1: Super Cuccos!
0:02 Getting To Lon Lon Ranch
0:41 Super Cuccos!
2:15 Cheating =P
2:51 Bottle #1 (Lon Lon Milk)
As soon as you enter Lon Lon Ranch in the past, enter the door immediately to your left. Inside, you'll find Talon sleeping in a room full of Cuccos. Wake him up and he'll offer to let you play a little game called Super Cuccos! It's 10 Rupees to play and the object of the game is to grab the three Cuccos Talon had next to him. As soon as the game starts, they fly off to the three corners of the room, so go pickup Cuccos in that general area and toss them out of the way until you find the correct ones, then search the other corners. It's pretty easy, so you shouldn't have much trouble. Nice little trick however is you can toss all the regular Cuccos behind the stairs before you ever talk to Talon, making this game incredibly easy! As a reward, he'll give you a bottle filled with Lon Lon Milk!

Bottle #2: Cucco Lady
1:52 About The Sidequest
2:26 Cucco #1
2:36 Cucco #2
2:48 Cucco #3
2:54 Cucco #4
2:57 Cucco #5
3:09 Getting To the Secret Area
3:27 Heart Piece Early?
3:45 The REAL Way To Get There
4:05 Cucco #6
4:21 Cucco #7
4:51 Collecting Remaining Cuccos
5:02 Empty Bottle #2
In Kakariko Village, talk to the Anju the Cucco Lady on the south (right) side of the village, who is standing near a pen and holding her head as she rocks back and forth. She asks you to gather all of the Cuccos (chickens) in the village and put them back in the pen for her. If you can successfully gather all seven, she'll give you an empty bottle in reward.

Check out our Cucco Locations guide for detailed descriptions, maps and screenshots.

Bottle #3: Ruto's Letter
0:03 Message In A Bottle!
The third bottle you are able to get in the game is part of the main quest, so you can't NOT get it. After arriving at Zora's Domain, go to the top of the steps to the throne room where King Zora is hanging out and take a left. At the top of the waterfall is a Zora who runs the Diving Game. Play it and gather all the Rupees he throws (it's pretty easy) and he'll give you the Silver Scale, allowing you to dive deeper. Jump off the waterfall and dive down into the hole in the lowest part of the water of Zora's Domain. You'll emerge in Lake Hylia (see the video above) and straight ahead, there's something in the water. Float over until you're above it and dive down to grab the bottle. After you've given the letter to King Zora in Zora's Domain, you'll get to keep the empty bottle for yourself!

Bottle #4: Big Poes
The final bottle is a reward for the collecting the ten Big Poes found in Hyrule Field. After you've saved Epona and acquired the Fairy Bow, you will become eligible for this side quest. Simply ride Epona around Hyrule Field and once a Big Poe appears, shoot it twice with your bow to kill it. Talk to its spirit before it disappears and you can catch it in a bottle. Take the bottled Big Poes back to the Poe Salesman at the entrance to the remains of the Market (future), near the drawbridge.

Check out our Big Poe Guide for detailed maps, screenshots and text to help guide you to their locations!

Bottle Items

Blue Fire
This magical type of flame can be scooped into a bottle and it's only purpose is to melt red ice. Most memorably being used within the Ice Cavern, which is filled with red ice, as opposed to regular ice... odd... You can find it within the Ice Cavern, in Ganon's Castle and in the Potion Shop in the Market (past) and in Kakariko Village (future).

These scurry little creatures only have the purpose of being put in bottles and released at soft soil locations found throughout Hyrule, which sometimes have Gold Skulltulas hiding within them. Also, an interesting thing to note is that you can drop them onto the ground, which creates three bugs; then you can quickly scoop up to two bottles worth of them before they dig into the ground and disappear. In this way, you can multiply your bottles of bugs or scoop some up before they dig into the soft soil when trying to get a Gold Skulltula. These things can be found under rocks or bought from the Potion shop in the Market (past) or in Kakariko Village (future).

Fairy's Spirit
These magical pixies can be found near water sources, within jars in dungeons and in some random places throughout Hyrule where you can play various songs on your Ocarina to make them appear. They are, without a doubt, the best healing in Ocarina of Time as they not only bring you back to life automatically when you die but heal you completely as well, making them superior to other forms of healing in the game. Also, a cool thing to note is you can play either Zelda's Lullaby or the Song of Storms for any of the Gossip Stones found in Hyrule to make a fairy appear - a great way to quickly find one!

No, this isn't the kind you use a fishing pole to get - that's part of a mini-game. No, these suckers are just your generic fishies that can be found in shallow water such as Zora's Domain and in holes found throughout Hyrule. The only time you ever need one in the game is to give as an offering to Jabu-Jabu, the deity fish in Zora's Fountain. Fish can be purchased from the Potion Shop in the Market (past) and Kakariko Village (future), or in the shop in Zora's Domain, but, as I said, they can be found for free in the shallow water of Zora's Domain. (In other words, don't buy one.)

Lon Lon Milk
Great potion alternative early in the game, Milk will fill up five hearts and each bottle full can be used twice before you run out! Once you have more hearts, it isn't really worth it unfortunately... You can buy it from Talon in Lon Lon Ranch or from the Potion Shop in the Market (past) and Kakariko Village (future). But wait! Another cool tid-bit is you can play Epona's Song for any cow and it will fill up a bottle with Milk! How cool is that?

After killing a Poe, it's spirit will float around in the area for a few moments, which gives you the opportunity to swipe a bottle at it and catch it. You can then drink it, which will either restore a heart or take one away. They really serve no purpose other than selling to either the Poe Salesman (future).

Big Poe
There are ten Big Poes to be found within Hyrule Field in the future and are part of a sidequest in order to get the fourth bottle of the game. See our Big Poe Guide for more details.

Green Potion
This variety of potion restores your magic meter completely. You can buy it in the Potion Shop found in the Market (past) or the on in Kakariko Village (future).

Red Potion
This variety of potion restores all of your hearts. You can buy it in the Potion Shop found in the Market (past) or the on in Kakariko Village (future).

Blue Potion
This variety of potion restores both your hearts and your magic meter, so it is the superior of the three potions available in the game. You can buy it from the Granny Potion Shop found in Kakariko Village (in the future, enter the Potion Shop, go through the hallway on the left, then enter the back door of the neighboring house).