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| image =  
| image = [[File:Kochi-Dye-Shop.png]]
| game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]''
| game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]''
| inhab = [[Sayge]]
| inhab = [[Sayge]]

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Kochi Dye Shop




The Kochi Dye Shop is a shop in Breath of the Wild, which is ran by Sayge and can be found in Hateno Village. Sayge will dye any clothes Link is wearing at the cost of 20 Rupees and five ingredients (materials and monster parts) specific to the desired dye color. There are 15 dye colors to choose from. Not all clothing can be dyed, for example, the Champion's Tunic cannot. If Link is wearing something that cannot be dyed, Sayge will tell Link they cannot be dyed and ask Link to change clothes. Anything worn that can be dyed will be dyed at the same time. To dye clothing different colors, each piece must be dyed individually at the the cost of 20 Rupees and five ingredients per garment.

Dye Colors and Ingredients

Dye Color Ingredients:
Hard Materials
Monster Parts
Blue-dye.png Blue Dye Blue Nightshade Sapphire Ice Keese Wing
Red-dye.png Red Dye Apple
Hylian Shroom
Spicy Pepper
Ruby Fire Keese Wing
Red Lizalfos Tail
Yellow-dye.png Yellow Dye Bird Egg
Mighty Bananas
Topaz Electric Keese Wing
Hinox Guts
Octorok Eyeball
Yellow Chuchu Jelly
White-dye.png White Dye Hylian Rice
Silent Princess
Diamond White Chuchu Jelly
Black-dye.png Black Dye Hearty Truffle Flint None
Purple-dye.png Purple Dye Armoranth
Sunset Firefly
Swift Violet
None Bokoblin Guts
Monster Extract
Octo Balloon
Green-dye.png Green Dye Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Hot-Footed Frog
Hyrule Herb
Restless Cricket
Stamella Shroom
None Lizalfos Tail
Light-blue-dye.png Light Blue Dye Silent Shroom None Chuchu Jelly
Moblin Guts
Octorok Tentacle
Navy-dye.png Navy Dye None Luminous Stone None
Orange-dye.png Orange Dye Courser Bee Honey
Endura Shroom
Fortified Pumpkin
Mighty Thistle
Swift Carrot
Warm Safflina
Amber Keese Eyeball
Peach-dye.png Peach Dye Big Hearty Radish
Hearty Radish
Rock Salt None
Crimson-dye.png Crimson Dye Chickaloo Tree Nut
Tireless Frog
None None
Light-yellow-dye.png Light Yellow Dye Electric Safflina
Goat Butter
Palm Fruit
Opal Bokoblin Fang
Brown-dye.png Brown Dye Acorn
Hightail Lizard
None Hinox Toenail
Hinox Tooth
Gray-dye.png Gray Dye None Ancient Core
Ancient Gear
Ancient Shaft
Ancient Spring
Giant Ancient Core
Bokoblin Horn
Keese Wing
Lizalfos Horn
Lizalfos Talon
Moblin Fang
Moblin Horn