Shield Spell

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Shield Spell
Shield Spell.png
Artwork from the game manual depicting Link's tunic under the effects of Shield.




0.5x Damage Multiplier on Link

The Shield Spell is one of eight spells featured in The Adventure of Link.

The spell creates a defensive buffer around Link, cutting all damage received in half.

Obtaining the Spell

Link obtains the spell by visiting the Town of Rauru and speaking with a woman who leads him to her father, one of eight Wise Men. This is the only spell that Link receives without having to complete some sort of task.

Spell Cost

Link's Magic Level will determine how much the spell costs.

Magic Level Spell Cost Magic Container Cost
1 32 2
2 24 1.5
3 24 1.5
4 16 1
5 16 1
6 16 1
7 16 1
8 16 1